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recruitment software
Roz, August 8, 2016

The travelling recruiter, roaming from University to University, from job fair to job fair, is rapidly becoming a creature of the past.   Today’s human resources departments are increasingly dependent on sophisticated recruiting software programs to bring them the best candidates for the jobs with a few keystrokes on a computer.   Here are some

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Reverse mentorship program
Roz, August 2, 2016

As more and more members of the millennial generation enter the workforce to take their place beside the aging baby boomers, a wonderful thing is happening in many cases.   Instead of conflict and competition, there is comradery.   The technology divide is being breached with ease and both generations are benefiting in the growth

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learning on the cloud
Roz, July 25, 2016

The cost-effectiveness and ease of delivery of cloud-based resources prompted many corporate trainers to promote learning on the cloud in the last few years.   But the honeymoon phase is over now in many companies and some harsh realities have emerged.   Learning on the cloud is not a panacea to the over-extended, under-budgeted human

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getting rid of the performance review
Roz, July 18, 2016

Human resources departments across the United States have been struggling to redefine the concept of the annual performance review for the last several years.   The problem has been: what do you replace it with?   How do you find a system that allows you to measure employee performance, recognize accomplishments or problems, and give

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employee wellness
Roz, July 12, 2016

As more and more employers move away from absorbing the brunt of high deductible healthcare plans and shift costs towards employees, human resources professionals are increasingly challenged to respond at two levels.   First, they are called to make recommendations on how this can be done.   Secondly, they are tasked to find effective ways

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Employee engagement
Roz, July 5, 2016

Despite a full focused campaign to hike employee engagement in recent years, the final figures still show just over one third of American workers describe themselves as actively engaged in their world.   Human resources departments, who are largely charged with the elusive quest of improving engagement, have long realized that the occasional token staff

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people analytics
Roz, June 27, 2016

It may sound Orwellian, but one U.S. technology firm has used people analytics gathered by their Human Resources department to accurately determine which job candidates are most likely to become horrible employees who will cheat or steal from the firm and lie to their supervisors.   Still another high-production manufacturer is using people analytics to

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Bobo doll experiment
Roz, June 21, 2016

In a struggle to close the capability gap, many companies are trying to determine if there are better ways to bring newcomers up to speed quickly on new technology.   Inevitably the idea of social learning is up for discussion again. That is the concept that people learn by watching each other based on observation

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learning management system
Roz, June 14, 2016

Learning management systems (LMS) are expensive investments for companies, but they will pay for themselves over time if you have extensive training to be delivered to a wide-ranging workforce.   An LMS is essentially a software application used primarily for delivering eLearning programs to your staff. But a good system can do much more than

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Roz, June 7, 2016

I talk a lot in my previous posts about the choice between buying and building an LMS, and this time I’d like to consider a slightly simpler but equally important decision- when should you consider switching your LMS versus sticking with what you already have?   To start with, there must be a reason to

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