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The Employee Onboarding Software to Give Your New Hires the Support They Need

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The way you approach onboarding can make or break new employee performance. With 51% of companies experiencing new hire attrition in the first 6 months of employment, a proper and comprehensive onboarding plan is crucial in preventing productivity loss and employee turnover.

Yet delivering a detailed level of live training in a timely and personalized fashion for each and every new hire simply isn’t feasible.

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Accelerate Your Employee Onboarding Program

Help Your New Employees Gain a Deeper Knowledge of Their Role

Deliver a highly customized training program to your new team members in an efficient and engaging way. When you offer your trainees a seamless experience of role focused training, they will be better equipped to succeed by knowing how to produce deliverables, follow processes, use required tools and comply with the necessary requirements

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Higher Productivity and Retention Through a Strong Internal Culture

Culture impacts every role in the organization. It can transform your company’s success and it affects employees’ decision making when evaluating whether to stay or leave the organization. Communicate your company’s mission, values and ethics more effectively to increase your organization’s productivity, retention and overall performance.

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Creating Good First Impressions of the Company

Implementing a good orientation program demonstrates your company is sensitive to the needs of your new hires. It creates lasting impressions and it helps new employees reach a greater level of comfort. Engage your new team members from day one and provide them with the resources they need to quickly become productive members of the organization.

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Keeping Your Business and New Hires Safe

Ensuring your new employees are aware of policies, procedures and internal rules is paramount to a successful onboarding process. It protects them and it protects your organization. Empower your new employees to be safe and informed by providing them with the resources they need to follow regulations and remain compliant in their new role.

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Every Feature You Need for Better Onboarding

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Advanced Reporting and Analytics

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Customizable Look and Branding

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Effortless Content Creation

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Easy to Use Learner Interface

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Enterprise Grade User Security

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Simplified User Management

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Individualized Learning Paths

Get the Most Out of Your Employee Training

Reduced Onboarding Time

Ensure a more effective learning curve by creating a streamlined onboarding process. Giving your new employees access to the content they need when they need it will enable them to become productive faster and quickly acclimate to the new role.

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Decreased Onboarding Costs

Take your training online to reduce the costs otherwise incurred in traditional in-class training, such as lunches, trainers’ time and productivity loss. Storing training online also allows you to reuse content for future hires and effectively scale your onboarding as your company grows.

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Easy Progress Monitoring

Gauge the progress of new hire learning to identify knowledge gaps. Monitoring participant attendance and completion status does not only give you the insight on how your new hires are responding to the training, but also serves as proof that you delivered crucial mandated content.

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Minimized Employee Turnover

Switching to e-learning enables your new recruits to retain job-related knowledge in a better way, keeping them engaged in the workplace. More importantly, by forming relationships with your organization, attrition rate declines and the odds of your new employees leaving in the first year decrease.

Case Study: How TIFF Used SkyPrep to Onboard 1500 Volunteers

As one of the largest film festivals in the world with nearly half a million attendees every year, TIFF requires a large number of volunteers to be trained quickly. Read more to learn how SkyPrep helped TIFF got 1500 volunteers ready for the event.

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"After exhaustive research and trials Skyprep is the clear winner. Now, one year after implementation the benefits are realized throughout the organization. With it's ease of use and well thought out functionality Skyprep has given us an edge in the marketplace."

Customer Face

Learning and Development Manager, USIS

"Traditionally we had in-person orientation, which took up a lot of time. Not everyone was available to attend on the specific days, which was frustrating. However we were able to transition all of our training to SkyPrep and it actually replaced three in-person sessions, which was a huge accomplishment."

Customer Face

Senior Manager, TIFF

"We've been using product for almost 2 years to manage courses where our new employees watch videos and take quizzes. Skyprep eliminated a lot of hand-holding that we previously had to do. This software allowed us to create an online course that is easy to use and follow."

Customer Face

Training Specialist, EPSD

Discover the Difference a Powerful LMS Makes on Your Onboarding


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