Product Changes

Here's what's new at SkyPrep.
    Learner Data Form Module
    New Feature
    12-May 2023
    This new module type that allows admins to select from their list of user attributes to include in a collection form within a course. When the form is filled in by learners as part of that course, the associated user's attributes will be updated based on what they input in the form.

    HubSpot Integration
    New Feature
    04-May 2023
    The integration allows a more seamless user management experience through automatic user imports, user termination and rehire automations from HubSpot into SkyPrep.

    Limiting Platform Access to Operating Hours
    New Feature
    06-Apr 2023
    SkyPrep now has a way to limit access to the platform based on hours of operation, where Learners will not be allowed to login the SkyPrep training platform outside of your operating hours. Please contact our support team if you would like to set this up.

    Embed URL Widget for Learner Dashboard
    New Feature
    03-Apr 2023
    The embed URL widget allows external webpage elements to be embedded within the Learner Dashboard in SkyPrep. Examples of how this may be used include embedding a welcome video from YouTube or a Google Calendar with class schedules.

    UKG Pro (UltiPro) Integration
    New Feature
    30-Mar 2023
    The integration will allow a more seamless user management experience through automatic user imports, user termination and rehire automations from UKGPro into SkyPrep.

    Preset & Custom Themes
    New Feature
    27-Mar 2023
    Customers now have the option to choose from a list of SkyPrep preset themes or save a custom theme of their own.

    FTP User Imports
    New Feature
    27-Mar 2023
    The FTP integration is a way to automatically upload CSVs into SkyPrep right from the source (typically a HRIS). The other system will need to support FTP uploads as well in order for this feature to work.

    Twilio Integration
    New Feature
    23-Mar 2023
    The Twilio integration allows customers to send notifications via SMS rather than having all notifications be delivered via email. A Twilio account is required in order to set up the integration.

    Studio Branching Questions
    New Feature
    16-Feb 2023
    The new Branching Form Block in SkyPrep Studio will allow admins to create questions that can lead to different follow up questions, based on the answer selected by the learner. With this, admins have the ability to create more user-centric questionnaires.

    File Request Module
    New Feature
    31-Jan 2023
    This new module type within a course allows admins to request enrolled learners to upload a file in order to complete the course.

    Modernized UI & More Customizations
    30-Jan 2023
    We're celebrating the start of 2023 with a fresh look. SkyPrep's visual improvements bring a more modern feel to the platform. Additional customization options have also been added with this change, such as different font types, logo frames, gradient-style elements, and more.

    Signature Module File Replacements
    20-Jan 2023
    Signature and Confirmation modules in courses can now have the supporting document replaced with an updated version without affecting learner progresses in the course.

    Course Index Sorting for Admins
    20-Jan 2023
    The course index page in the admin view can now be sorted alphabetically (ascending/descending) or by deadline (ascending/descending) using the sort dropdown provided.

    Customizable Data Tables
    New Feature
    11-Jan 2023
    With the customizable tables, each admin & power user can each select the columns that they would want to see in various tables throughout SkyPrep. Admins and power users can use this to easily set up their views and see only the information that is relevant to them.

    User-Attached Documents & Notes
    New Feature
    15-Dec 2022
    This feature provides admins and power users with the ability to upload documents and/or notes into a user's profile page, be it external training certifications, signed forms, meetings notes, and more.

    Reporting Wizard
    New Feature
    18-Nov 2022
    The new Reporting Wizard allows users to easily create filterable data table-style reports with customizable columns and well as visual chart-style reports, through a user friendly step by step process.

    Learner Navigation Bar Custom Links
    New Feature
    17-Nov 2022
    Admins can now add up to 3 custom links to show up on the learner navigation bar. Adding custom links to the navigation bar is an easy way to direct learners to the appropriate portals for different needs.

    Automatic Video Captioning and Transcript Generation
    New Feature
    31-Oct 2022
    With this feature, videos that are uploaded into SkyPrep will automatically have closed captioning & transcripts generated. Admins or power users also have the option to upload a VTT file manually, to replace the auto-generated one. This feature is only available in English.

    Automatic Disabling of Inactive Accounts
    New Feature
    12-Oct 2022
    This feature automatically disables user accounts after the user has not logged in for the number of days specified by the admin. Disabled accounts will still have training records archived and can be reactivated manually by an admin or power user at any time.

    Platform Color Customizations
    New Feature
    30-Sep 2022
    With the additional color customization options, the SkyPrep platform can be completely white labelled to make it look like an extension of any brand or website.

    Automatic Enrollments
    New Feature
    23-Sep 2022
    With the new Automatic Enrollments, users can be enrolled automatically based on a specific set of rules set by an admin or power user for each group, course, or learning path. And if the user no longer fulfills the rule, they will dynamically be unenrolled too, so admins and power users won't need to take any further action.

    Admin Dashboard Customization
    New Feature
    15-Aug 2022
    This new addition give admins and power users the ability to enable or disable widgets within the admin dashboard. Each admin and/or power user can have their own personal setup of the dashboard.

    Login Page Customizations
    15-Aug 2022
    The branding and customization for the login page has received an update to allow admins to better visualize what their login page will look like, while making the adjustments.

    Management Activity Log
    New Feature
    13-Jun 2022
    The All Platform Activity page that can be accessed through the admin Dashboard will now also show Management Activity Logs. The Management Activity log will show actions done by admins and power users.

    Resource Center Analytics
    02-Jun 2022
    The Resource Center Analytics allows admins and power users to track the number of views on materials in the Resource Center as well as who viewed it, and when.

    New Feature
    12-May 2022
    The tagging feature will allow items within SkyPrep (i.e. courses, learning paths & materials) to be more easily discoverable through search bars and filters.

    Studio Docs
    New Feature
    02-May 2022
    Studio Docs is SkyPrep's own content authoring product. This product allow users to seamlessly build rich & interactive content, right within SkyPrep.

    Custom Permissions & Roles
    New Feature
    04-Apr 2022
    The new Power Users feature allows the creation of custom roles based on a set of permissions and dataset a particular Power User should have access to.

What's coming up...
  • Improvements to the Learner Dashboard
    This project will include an updated look to the dashboard and the addition of new, functional widgets.

    Content management and social learning product enhancements
    This project aims to fill in information gaps, just in time, through easily retrievable content and social features.

    ADP Vantage Integration
    SkyPrep’s integration with ADP Vantage will allow for a more streamlined workflow between platforms.