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Product Changes

Here's what's new at SkyPrep.

    New Content Creator User Role & Manager Dashboard Updates
    New Feature
    21-Aug 2018
    We’re excited to announce that we’ve just released the Content Creator role for users on Premium and above! Content Creators can create new courses, as well as edit existing ones, depending on their given permission level. You no longer have to give Admin access to your course authors – just set them as a Content Creator and they’ll be able to start right away!

    In other news, we’ve also streamlined the Manager interface to bring it more in line with the Admin interface, allowing for quicker retrieval of information and a cleaner overall look.

    New Security Features
    New Feature
    15-Jul 2018
    We're not bringing you one new feature -- we're bring you four! We've just added the ability to limit the maximum number of incorrect password attempts, set the number of minutes before a user is logged out for inactivity, define password expiry lengths, and generate administrator audit trails. Security has always been paramount at SkyPrep, and with these changes, things have gotten just that much better. This is on our new Advanced, Premium and Enterprise plans.

    Custom Security & Compliance Settings and Advanced Reports
    New Feature
    10-Jul 2018

    We’ve just released two new and exciting features!

    The enhanced Security and Compliance settings allows Admins on the new Advanced, Premium, and Enterprise plans to modify security settings, such as limiting the number of failed login attempts and setting an idle time-out. A new admin action log is also available with this update.

    Additionally, we have also released Advanced Reporting for new Premium and Enterprise users. Advanced Reports build on the existing reports and allows you to show and hide report columns as desired, as well as apply filters to narrow down the scope of the report generated, letting you tailor reports to show only exactly what’s needed.

    Visual Performance Metrics & Viewer Updates
    New Feature
    15-Jan 2018
    We’ve enhanced your admin dashboard with some visual performance metrics. By clicking on the Performance tab in your dashboard, you will be able to get quick, at-a-glance information about your logins, groups, learning paths, and assessments! In other news, the document viewer that's used for SkyPrep is being discontinued and we've switched to for all your viewing needs! We believe that this option will result in a better experience for everyone, with faster load times and a nicer interface.

    Scheduled Reporting
    New Feature
    01-Dec 2017
    Users on our Advanced+ plans will now be able to schedule reports to be delivered via email! Do you need to run weekly reports on user statuses? Monthly compliance reports? Now, you won't have to run the report each time you need it! Just set a delivery schedule and let Scheduled Reporting handle the rest!

    Updated Dashboard
    30-Nov 2017
    We've just updated our dashboard! Now, the majority of the information found in the different dashboard panels have been condensed into one. All of the previously available information is still available, but is now delivered in a more streamlined and concise fashion. Just use the tabs at the top to switch between the information displayed!

    Interface Changes
    15-Aug 2017
    We've just made some changes to the overall look and feel of the platform, including changes to the enrollment interface and a more streamlined unenrollment process for users enrolled in a course via a group or a Learning Path. Please let us know what you think, and don't forget to check out our Help Section article for more information!

    Course Category Filtering
    New Feature
    01-Aug 2017
    You can now filter your courses by Course Category, making it much easier to find the courses you're looking for.

    Login with Office 365
    New Feature
    01-Aug 2017
    You can now let your users login using their Office 365 credentials.

    ILT Permissions for Managers
    New Feature
    12-Jun 2017
    Your Managers can now help you oversee Instructor-Led Training. If you allow them to, they will be able to register users to time slots and mark attendance, freeing you from the task of having to manage all of your time slots.

    Managers Can Now See Upcoming ILTs
    New Feature
    12-Jun 2017
    We've just released a new feature for Managers. They can now see upcoming ILTs for users that they manage and easily send them a reminder message. Now you can be sure that all of your users will be reminded of the session that they need to attend.

    Custom Notification Email Addresses for Users
    New Feature
    31-May 2017
    You can now have emails sent to a different email than the one that your users sign in with. This is perfect for you if you'd rather have employees log in with something other than an email, such as their employee number, but still receive emails.

    Reporting Filters
    New Feature
    08-May 2017
    We've just added native filters for reports that you generate. Want to run a report to easily see which users passed a course in the last two months, or which users have logged in this week? Well, now you can!

    User Group Managers
    New Feature
    01-May 2017
    We’ve just added a new type of Manager, the User Group Manager. There’s now a new permission level where they can edit the course progress of all courses that their group members are enrolled in, even if they’re not assigned to the group, letting them take even more work off your plate!

    Shopify Integration
    New Feature
    07-Apr 2017
    If you've ever wanted to sell courses through Shopify, you can now do so! We've just added Shopify integration to all plans, allowing you to easily connect your SkyPrep platform to your Shopify storefront. Selling your courses just got a whole lot easier.

    Assessment Question Duplication
    31-Mar 2017
    Need to add a question that is very similar to one that already exists in an assessment? Now you can quickly duplicate an assessment question with the click of a single button!

    Admin & Manager Upcoming Deadlines
    New Feature
    24-Mar 2017
    Administrators and Managers will now be notified when users’ course end dates are approaching and they have not yet completed the course. This allows for an easy follow up to ensure that your learners are aware that there is a deadline and that they are not struggling with the content.

    Existing Course Certificate Uploads
    New Feature
    15-Mar 2017
    If your learners have earned external certificates that you’d like to maintain in your records, you can now upload them to their profiles, letting you consolidate all of their certificates, both earned in SkyPrep and earned externally, in one location.

    Login Page Internationalization
    03-Mar 2017
    We've just made it easier for your international users to log into your platform. SkyPrep will now detect your users' operating system language and display the login page in the language that they are using for their browser.

    Course Signature Collection
    New Feature
    24-Feb 2017
    You can now collect signatures and confirmations from your learners. This new feature will let you choose to either require your learners to enter their signature, password, or confirm via a checkbox, perfect for ensuring compliance and collecting proof that your learners are aware of what they signed.

    Available on: Advanced, Premium, Enterprise

    Welcome Screens
    New Feature
    17-Feb 2017
    We’ve just released Welcome Screens – a perfect way for you to greet your learners when they sign in. Have a video that you want your learners to watch when they first sign in, or have an important document that they need to read? Just add it to your Welcome Screen and it will be shown to your learners when they enter the platform.

    Reports in native Excel format
    10-Feb 2017
    We’ve just added the ability to download your reports in .xlsx format (native Excel). This gives you added functionality when opening your reports in Excel, including the ability to sort and filter your data, all from within the spreadsheet itself.

    Instructor Led Training
    New Feature
    03-Feb 2017
    Instructor Led Training has just been added to SkyPrep for Advanced, Premium, and Enterprise plans! You can now easily create ILT sessions, each with the ability to add multiple time slots and locations, all trackable right from within the platform, letting administrators easily keep on top of all of their live training sessions.

    Available on: Advanced, Premium, Enterprise

    OpenSesame Courses Marketplace
    New Feature
    23-Jan 2017
    If you have ever wanted to purchase a premade course instead of creating one yourself, now you can! We have just finished our integration with OpenSesame, one of the largest online providers of premade courses. If you see a course that you like while browsing through their catalog, all you need to do is purchase it and it will be added to your platform.

    Content Creator
    New Feature
    06-Jan 2017
    You can now quickly create great-looking content right from within your SkyPrep platform. We've just released the Content Builder which allows you to use drag-and-drop functionality to easily create material.

    Bulk Start-Date/End-Date Updater
    New Feature
    01-Dec 2016
    After going through all our clients’ feedback, we realized that many of you wanted to be able to quickly edit the days that a user started and/or finished a course. That’s why we added a feature that will allow you to use a CSV file to edit their course completion dates. Just download a pre-filled template that contains all the course completion statuses and dates, change it however you like, then upload it back into SkyPrep. It’s that easy.

    Okta SSO Support
    New Feature
    30-Nov 2016
    We've just expanded our SSO capabilities by adding Okta support for Single Sign-On via SAML. For clients on our Premium and Enterprise plans that use Okta for other services, jumping into SkyPrep just got a whole lot easier!

    New Mobile App Languages
    12-Sep 2016
    Bonjour! Olá! We have just released French and Portuguese languages for our Mobile App. Now users that have those languages set as their default in the platform will be able to use them in the app as well!

    Passed/Failed Assessment Notifications
    24-Jul 2016
    There’s a brand-new addition to the Email Notification family -- Passed and Failed Assessment emails are now possible! These will be sent notifying learners and administrators when an exam is passed or failed. No more receiving an email telling you that an attempt was completed, only to have to log into the platform to see the score – it can be emailed straight to you!

    Learning Path Changes
    29-Jun 2016
    We have made a small but noticeable change to the way that your users see Learning Paths. Previously, all of courses that were part of the Learning Path would show up on a Learner’s home page. Now, only the courses that they can access will be displayed, cutting down on clutter and confusion.

    Advanced Manager Permissions
    New Feature
    11-May 2016
    We’ve overhauled the Manager role to bring you more functionality and a better overall experience. Now instead of only being able to view reports, you can assign different permission levels to Managers, ranging from the old report viewing all the way up to enrolling users into courses. This should free up some of your time so that you can focus on the tasks that really matter.

    Updated All User Report
    21-Mar 2016
    We’ve revamped our All Users report to now include all their course progresses, giving you a quick, at-a-glance overview of exactly how your users are doing in their courses.

    Dedicated Mobile App
    New Feature
    21-Mar 2016
    While you can use SkyPrep on your smartphone’s browser, we decided to make your experience even better. We have created a dedicated mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, allowing your learners to easily access their training wherever they are. You can find it on the app stores by searching for "SkyPrep".

    European Servers
    09-Feb 2016
    To better suit our European clients, we have added servers in Europe that are isolated from all our other international servers in anticipation of the 2018 changes to European data protection laws. If needed, you will be able to transfer your platform to one that is hosted in a European country, allowing you to meet all the requirements mandated by the changes to private user information protection.

    Pinned Navigation Bar
    20-Jan 2016
    We’ve just made a change to the way that users navigate through courses that we hope will make things much easier. The buttons that allow you to move through modules will now stay at the top of your screen and won’t disappear as you scroll past them. Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter.

    Updated All User Report
    16-Dec 2015
    The All User Report has just gotten an overhaul. Now, instead of just listing the courses that a user is enrolled in, the report breaks down each course individually, letting you see user progress in a single spreadsheet, saving you a ton of time and effort.

    Course Custom Emails
    New Feature
    19-Nov 2015
    We have just released Course Custom Emails for all Business and Enterprise users. With this new feature, you will be able to create unique email notifications for every course that are sent when a learner passes a course, fails a course, and more, giving each course a personalized feel!

    Learning Path Updates
    New Feature
    12-Nov 2015
    We have just added two new enhancements to Learning Paths. You can now use the automated email notifications for Learning Paths, ensuring that your Learners will always know that they have been enrolled.

    We have also just released the ability to run reports on Learning Paths! Providing you with all the information you need about your Learning Paths in a glance, understanding how your Learners are doing has never been quicker, or easier.

    You can view the Help Section article for Learning Path Notification Emails here and the Help Section article for Learning Path Reporting here.

    Individual Assessment Reports
    New Feature
    29-Oct 2015
    You now have the ability to generate assessment reports for individual learners! This new addition to our Reporting feature will let you choose any number of users and display information about a particular assessment, including when they attempted the assessment and the answers they provided. Tracking your learners' progress has just gotten easier!

    Calendar Sync
    New Feature
    27-Oct 2015
    Keeping track of upcoming deadlines has just gotten much easier. With the new Calendar Sync feature, all of your learners' deadlines and in-person/webinar sessions can be synced with their preferred calendar application.

    Email Activity
    New Feature
    22-Sep 2015
    We're pleased to announce the release of Email Activity! This new feature lets you track the most recent emails sent from your platform and see whether or not they were delivered successfully. By taking the guesswork out of email statuses, you can now be sure that your learners are always up-to-date with their notifications.

    Pick-and-Choose Question Bank
    New Feature
    15-Sep 2015
    Making new assessments just got easier! This new feature consolidates all of the questions you've ever used in your assessments into one location. Easily create new assessments by picking and choosing from your existing list of questions, saving you time and effort!

    Revamped Help Resources
    New Feature
    25-Aug 2015
    We're very excited to announce that our Help Section has been completely overhauled! The new layout is very approachable and easy to follow, as well as intuitive because of an intelligent search feature - a search bar at the top that will try to pull the most relevant article to your question. With these changes, getting answers to your questions has never been quicker or easier! To access the new Help Center, simply click on Help Resources at the bottom of the platform page and click Search Our Help Section.

    There is also a Submit a request button in the Help Section, which is now the official channel to communicate your feedback and bug reports with us as it is a direct line to our developers.

    Speed Enhancements
    21-Aug 2015
    We've made some enhancements to our code and you should notice an increase in platform speed and a reduction in load times!

    Course Coupons
    New Feature
    19-Aug 2015
    For those who are selling courses, we've just released the coupon code feature, letting you create custom coupons to give to your customers. With both platform-wide and course-specific coupons available, you'll be able to easily provide discounts for your customers.

    Course Bundles Replaced with Learning Paths
    New Feature
    30-Jul 2015
    Course bundles are going to be removed on Thursday, August 6th. In its place will be Learning Paths. Learning Paths contain all of the functionality of course bundles, with the addition of the ability to specify the order in which courses must be taken. On that day, all existing course bundles will be converted into Learning Paths, so try to notify your users before the change occurs. Learning Paths can be accessed by clicking on Learning Paths in the learner interface. The option for a specific course order will be turned off by default, so you don't have to worry about your learners losing access to their courses when the feature is released.

    Assessment Grading Navigation Change
    23-Jul 2015
    We’ve enhanced our assessment marking feature, reducing the number of clicks you’ll need to mark your learners’ tests! You can now use a drop-down menu to switch between users that require grading -- all while staying on the same page! Trust us, you’ll love it.

    User & Groups Course Enrollment
    21-Jul 2015
    We've just released an updated User and Group tab for your courses. It will allow you to easily add existing users and groups to courses, as well as register new users on your platform and immediately enroll them into the course – all from a single page. By getting rid of multiple tabs, the streamlined design cuts down on time spent navigating through menus while retaining all of the functionality.

    Self-Enrollment Data Fields
    New Feature
    17-Jul 2015
    You can now collect any information that you want from your users when they self-enroll into a course! From the General Settings tab of a course, click Pick Fields. This will allow you to choose what information is required from your learners on the self-enrollment form.

    Time Between Assessment Attempts
    New Feature
    09-Jul 2015
    If you've ever wanted to specify a minimum amount of time that needs to elapse before your users can retake an assessment, then this feature is for you! It lets you specify the amount of hours that a user must wait between assessment attempts.

    Navigation Enhancement
    30-Jun 2015
    You might have noticed that Communication is no longer on the left. Worry not, though -- we've just moved it to improve the navigation experience! The Announcement Board and Messaging are now accessed by clicking on your name at the top right.

    Visual Reporting (Beta)
    New Feature
    16-Jun 2015
    We are pleased to announce that our Visual Reporting feature has been released in Beta! Spreadsheets and numbers not your thing? Don't worry! Visual Reporting will present the information in an easy-to-read graphical layout.

    Navigation Changes
    09-Jun 2015
    We're excited to announce that we've made changes to the navigation of our platform. You can now hide the sidebar for a more immersive, distraction-free experience. Also, switching between Admin and Learner view is now done via a drop-down menu instead of a toggle, giving you a clearer indication of the currently active mode.

    Custom User Data
    New Feature
    28-May 2015
    You can now choose exactly what user data you collect and make it uniform around your platform. Instead of using the default fields in the user profile page, you can now customize them to suit your needs. For example, if you identify as an organization rather than a company, you can change 'Company' to 'Organization'.


    Group Enrollment
    25-May 2015
    By merging multiple tabs into one, we've streamlined group member management and made the experience a more intuitive one. All the necessary functions for group member management can now be found in the same location.

    Terms and Conditions
    New Feature
    14-May 2015
    We have released the first version of custom Terms and Conditions! Any terms and conditions that are related to training can be added with this feature. Your user will be prompted to accept these terms every time they log in, adding an extra level of security and assurance. We welcome any feedback that you have about this feature!

    Application Programming Interface (API)
    New Feature
    07-May 2015
    We have just rolled out the first version of our API. By utilizing the API, you can now fetch and push data to SkyPrep servers, as well as update existing data - all from within your current systems. This ability to communicate externally with the SkyPrep platform opens up many new avenues for training automation, saving you both time and money.

    Check out the brief introduction here and the technical documentation here!

    Available On: Enterprise

    Dynamic Course Catalog
    New Feature
    23-Apr 2015
    We have revamped our Course Catalog and brought you a more streamlined, intuitive and dynamic experience. Now you can choose which groups your courses are visible to in the Catalog straight from the Course Catalog page! You will also be able to see exactly what your users see – videos, images, course modules, and more! Everything that you need to do can be done with the new Course Catalog feature!

    Course Videos & Categories
    New Feature
    22-Apr 2015
    Use course videos to create an engaging introduction to your course. Your learners will be able to see the videos from both the Course Catalog and the course hub, allowing for a much more visual interaction. Course Categories allow your learners to filter through catalog courses based on the course content.

    User Feedback Module
    New Feature
    17-Apr 2015
    We've released the User Feedback module! Now your learners can send you instant feedback, allowing you to immediately address potential issues and see exactly what they think about the content you are offering.

    User Profile Cards
    09-Apr 2015
    User profile cards have been updated. Now more streamlined and intuitive, you will be able to find the information that you need quicker than ever before.

    Assessment Taking Update
    08-Apr 2015
    We have revamped the Assessment taking process to be more intuitive, and involve less clicks.

    In-App Conversation Tool
    New Feature
    02-Apr 2015
    Do you have a specific support question, feedback, or just looking to reach out to the SkyPrep Team? With our new In-App Conversation Tool, communicating with us is just a click away. Even if you reach out to us outside operating hours, your message will be directed to us, and someone will be sure to get back to you before they even get their coffee the next morning :)

    Course Scheduled Reminders
    New Feature
    31-Mar 2015
    With Scheduled Reminders for courses you can now set messages to be delivered at future dates to specific user cohorts (Not Stated, In-Progress, Passed, Failed). This new feature means you never have to worry about communicating time sensitive reminders relevant for course taking, such as deadlines as they can be set to be automated, and delivered when necessary.

    Available On: Business, Enterprise

    Quick Create-and-Assign Group Manager
    17-Mar 2015
    We've enhanced your user-experience by making the creation of Group Managers quick, easy and accessible. Customers with the 'Managers' feature can now conveniently create new Group Managers and immediately assign them to a group - directly from the group editing page.

    Drag-n-Drop Course Item Uploads
    12-Mar 2015
    You can now easily add any file you would like in your courses, effortlessly, by just drag-n-dropping your files. This will also upload your files into your Materials.

    HTML Email Templates
    New Feature
    11-Mar 2015
    Engage your employees with beautiful emails by including HTML code in all of the automated emails that are sent out. Ge creative and try adding custom text, images, formatting and more!

    Reports from Dashboard
    10-Mar 2015
    Run, preview and download all of your 'Favorite' reports directly from your dashboard.

    User Quick Actions
    05-Mar 2015
    Quick user editing and course/group management is now available from your main Users list. This handy enhancement alleviates the process of excess navigation when wanting to view and edit user enrollments.

    Preview Assessment
    21-Feb 2015
    For your convenience, you can now preview any assessment directly from the assessment creation page. By clicking on the eye icon you can immediately see how a learner would experience taking the assessment. This allows for a quick overview in order to save time and give you a good sense of how your assessment will look. This is a great enhancement for editing your assessments.

    Realign Groups
    New Feature
    17-Feb 2015
    For your convenience, you can now realign your groups directly from the group settings page. Choose from the select box the subgroup you would like to assign your users to. This allows for quick group changes.

    User Enrollment Shortcut
    11-Feb 2015
    Add users directly into a course, group or course bundle when you create and add new users. Makes course enrollment and grouping seamless and quick!

    Social Log In
    New Feature
    10-Feb 2015
    Users can now log in using their Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Windows Live accounts as long as SkyPrep email matches their social email. This allows for easier and more convenient ways to login to your SkyPrep Platform.

    Scheduable Messages
    New Feature
    07-Feb 2015
    You can now schedule messages to be sent to your users on a predetermined date. This allows for a more convenient messaging system that saves you time and allows for a more organized and streamlined notification system for your users.

    Learner Self-Registration to Platform
    New Feature
    04-Feb 2015
    You can now enable a setting that allows users to self-register to your platform directly from your login page (i.e. This creates more variation in the methods in which a user can be added to your platform. Saves you time since the user is self-registering and allows for quick and simple registration for the user.

    Course Bundles
    04-Feb 2015
    You can now access our revamped 'Course Bundle' module where you can add multiple courses to a bundle, and enrol users into your bundle to give them access to multiple courses at a time. This saves you the time of having to manually add a user into each course.

    Recently Completed Courses
    New Feature
    31-Jan 2015
    Your learners can now see courses they have completed within the past two weeks on their dashboard. This gives the user valuable course history information, in a very clear and organized manner.

    Table of Contents
    New Feature
    29-Jan 2015
    Your learners can now navigate through the table of contents while taking a course. This allows users to have a sense of organization as they are able to see every module in the course. This also allows users to maneuver through the course more seamlessly.

    Course Preview Mode
    20-Jan 2015
    For your convenience, you can now edit your course directly from 'Course Preview' mode. Preview your course and make changes to immediately see how your learners would view the course. This saves you time since all edits can be done in one place, effortlessly.

    Embedding Material
    14-Jan 2015
    Ability to embed an existing material directly to an assessment question. You can now provide your users with more information for an assessment question by making the question more dynamic; add a document, image, video etc to give your users a more intricate assessment question.

    Non Mandatory Course Modules
    New Feature
    27-Dec 2014
    Administrators can add optional items to a course. This allows them to gauge the interest in new content, or include supplementary content like extra readings or surveys. This will always be available for your users.

    Instant Course Overview
    New Feature
    26-Dec 2014
    You are now always informed of the status of course work as all the course information is presented to you in a quick and organized manner.

    Course Module Lockdown
    New Feature
    24-Dec 2014
    Set individual course modules to be required to be completed or passed before the user can proceed to the next set of course modules in the course. An administrator, you can single out the individual course modules you deem to be essential for the user’s training or learning.

    Speed Optimizations
    22-Dec 2014
    Optimizing the performance of your platform in order to quickly maneuver through every task. Thereby reducing user frustration as well as lag times.

    Course Module Timer
    16-Dec 2014
    Grants administrators the ability to manage the time their users invest into each course module. This way, administrators can be confident that users are spending the time they feel is required for proper knowledge retention.

    Drag-n-Drop File Management
    10-Dec 2014
    Makes getting all your relevant training content loaded into your platform quickly and efficiently.

    Automatic Video Playback
    New Feature
    09-Dec 2014
    Make it that any videos added to a course will automatically play as the user navigates to them in a course. Creates a seamless learning environment for the user as they navigate through a course.

    Course Partition
    25-Nov 2014
    Compartmentalize your course into well marked sections. This simplifies navigation for your users, and lets you map your course exactly how you want it to be in a more organized manner.

    Video Length Tracker
    19-Nov 2014
    Ensures a seamless learning environment that is also self-paced catering to a user’s individual schedule. Allows you to ensure that your users are spending the amount of time needed to retain the information that is critical from the video.

    Course Module Length
    New Feature
    12-Nov 2014
    Set the number of days after a user starts the course for an individual course module to be accessible by. Grants you the ability to manage the accessibility of training content on a very micro level.

    In-person Instructor Led Training Session
    New Feature
    01-Nov 2014
    Accommodate a blended learning approach that can all be centralized on your SkyPrep platform. Allows for as easier as well as a more organized scheduling method as you can track, and manage the attendance of your users in their class training sessions through your SkyPrep platform.

    Live Webinar Instructor Led Training Session
    New Feature
    30-Oct 2014
    With our live webinar tool, administrators can host live presentations, and online classroom sessions. This allows you to recreate the classroom setting instructor led sessions, but without the logistics and costs of an in person training session.

    Course Module Start Date
    23-Oct 2014
    Set a specific date for an individual course module to be accessible by. This date can be after the actual course start date. Grants you the ability to manage the accessibility of training content on a very micro level.

    Course Goals
    21-Oct 2014
    Inform your user immediately of their learning objectives before they start their respective training. Allows users to gain a better understanding of what is expected thereby creating a higher course success rate.

    Course Branding
    13-Oct 2014
    All courses you create as an administrator have individual pages (“Course Hub”) associated with them. The Course Hub essentially serves as the launch pad from where users take their individual courses. It contains an organized list of course items and can be further customized to include an image, a description, and a bulletin board. This provides administrators the opportunity to showcase or brand individual courses.

    Visual Course Catalog
    New Feature
    25-Sep 2014
    Create a library of courses that your users can browse, and enrol themselves into through their own interface. A view created with the visual person in mind, and with added functionality of having mass action shortcuts a click away. Allows for user self-enrolment, and the set up of a self-directed environment for learning or training.

    Enhanced Reporting Module
    17-Sep 2014
    You can now 'Favorite' reports to make them more accessible when you want to run the report again. Creates a more organized method of saving your reports.

    Assessment Builder
    New Feature
    11-Sep 2014
    All the tools you need to test, and maximize knowledge retention. Allows you to test users on the content of your course.

    Revamped Reporting Module
    New Feature
    10-Sep 2014
    Intuitive report wizard to guide you to build the report of your choice. Gives you more control on the kind of data you would like to gather.

    04-Sep 2014
    UPDATE: Force Order - Feel confident that your users will follow the specific learning path you have set.

    26-Aug 2014
    UPDATE: Material Duration - The ability to manage how much time users invest into the material whenever they encounter it in a course.

    20-Aug 2014
    UPDATE: Course Bulletin Board - A means of communicating course specific updates and announcements. It can also serve as a forum for discussion, and engagement between users taking the same course.

    14-Aug 2014
    UPDATE: Resource Center - Serves as a go to place for users to access important documentation outside of their courses such as help resources, orientation documentation, general information, or important guidelines.

    22-Jul 2014
    UPDATE: Course Catalog - Allows for user self-enrolment, and the set up of a self-directed environment for learning or training.

    18-Jun 2014
    UPDATE: Enrollable Web Link - Allows for quick, and simple registration for users to both the platform, and the specific course. You are also able to insert the link directly into your own website for users to self-register into your courses.

    11-Jun 2014
    UPDATE: Dynamic File Picker - Able to to transition any type of file format from anywhere stored right into your SkyPrep platform seamlessly.

    23-May 2014
    UPDATE: Duplicate Course - Archive old courses, and make changes to the new course.

    14-May 2014
    UPDATE: Bulk User Upload - Allows for immediate onboarding of users in bulk. Coupled with automated emails, and the ability to add users to groups from the CSV file, makes both adding new users and enrolling them one simple and quick step.

    18-Apr 2014
    UPDATE: Subplatforms - Subplatforms can become dedicated platforms (with their own branding) set up for training specific cohorts whether they are from a different department, location, or internal vs. external training.

    08-Apr 2014
    UPDATE: SCORM Support - The ability to seamlessly transfer specialized files from content creation softwares to your SkyPrep platform.

    18-Mar 2014
    UPDATE: YouTube & Vimeo Linking - You are not forced to redownload videos that are on video sharing websites like YouTube in order to have them play from your SkyPrep platform.

    15-Mar 2014
    UPDATE: Multi Language Support - Choose from multiple languages to set your user platform to run in.

    14-Mar 2014
    UPDATE: Multimedia Converter - This optimizes your PPT for online viewing and retains all your audio and multimedia elements from your original source file.

    28-Feb 2014
    UPDATE: Randomized Assessment - Upload a question bank, and specify a number of questions to be randomly pulled for each assessment attempt the user takes.

    26-Feb 2014
    UPDATED: Custom Emails - Gives you the ability to personalize the notification messages that are sent out to your users.

    20-Feb 2014
    UPDATE: Automated Emails - Automates user management so your users will always be informed, and guided of what is relevant to them when they work through the platform.

    17-Feb 2014
    UPDATE: Bulk Question Upload - Allows administrators to create large assessments in one simple step, and also seamlessly transfer their existing question banks into their SkyPrep platform.

    10-Feb 2014
    UPDATE: Custom Domain - Coupled with our customization options, you make it look like your platform is an extension of your own website with no indication you are using a third party platform.

    05-Feb 2014
    UPDATE: Custom Colors & Logo - Gives the tools to personalize your platform, and make your platform look like an extension of your own website, company or organization.

    03-Feb 2014
    UPDATE: Custom Certificates - Ensure your certification process is done according to your standards, and design preferences.

    30-Jan 2014
    UPDATE: Certificates - Allows for the creation of seamless certification programs done online.

    23-Jan 2014
    UPDATE: Assessment Feedback System - An automated system that streamlines the feedback process so as an administrator, you don’t have to go in and provide individual feedback and support.

    03-Jan 2014
    UPDATE: Automatic Marking - Allows for a user to immediately review their performance upon completion of assessment.

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