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LMS for app development company Skyprep' Ehsan Memari, June 12, 2018

Knowledge is power. Everyone knows this to be true, but the popular phrase is especially fitting for mobile app developers and software companies. In order to keep up with every new technology and trend in the mobile world, app developers need to be willing to learn at all times, and the learning process should be

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Best way to share product information with team' Ehsan Memari, June 4, 2018

The progress of an organization depends greatly on its practices to share product information with its employees i.e. the knowledge sharing culture. Employees need to have a thorough understanding of both, internal and external products, to be at their best. Internal products are the ones that departments in an organization are using to perform their

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Cfr 21 CFR part 11 skyprep compliant' Ehsan Memari, May 28, 2018

SkyPrep LMS recently announced the launch of Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) 21 CFR Part 11 feature which focuses on the confidentiality and security of customer information, e-document administration and approval requirements for signatures and e-documents. This is a wonderful new feature which has made a lot of things convenient for the organizational users. Keeping

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Blended learning Skyprep LMS' Ehsan Memari,

If anyone is remotely accustomed or linked to the concept of online education, terms like ‘blended learning’ shouldn’t come as an unknown entity. With the advancements in technology during the past few decades, online learning has been adopted by several organizations and companies to support the ever-altering learning requirements and the varied audiences that they

Read More' Ehsan Memari, May 10, 2018

Corporate wikis have been a big thing in companies for quite a while now. Wikis were considered important and were used the most. It was seldom used throughout all the departments of the companies, however, for the departments that did use it, found them convenient because it was the best solution that they had by

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Microlearning with knowledge sharing platform' Ehsan Memari, April 30, 2018

The success of a business is greatly dependent on the performance and productivity of its employees. Luckily, there are many ways through which business owners can make sure that their employees are getting all the help they need to perform well. Giving your employees the right kind of training can prove to be extremely beneficial

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BoostHQ knowledge sharing platform for training employees' Ehsan Memari, April 16, 2018

Employee training is a challenge for most organizations. You cannot obtain the same level of productivity and efficiency from a new employee as an experienced one. The time spent training the new employee is akin to downtime for the company. For this reason, it is recommended that you invest in a knowledge sharing platform if

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SkyPrep LMS on-boarding' Ehsan Memari, March 22, 2018

It takes a significant amount of time and money to hire new workers. According to one report, the average U.S. company typically spends $4,000 and 52 days to hire a new employee. In addition, onboarding accounts for a significant expense. According to an analysis by GlassDoor, just the paperwork and administrative parts of onboarding can

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Sharing best Practices in company BoostHQ' Ehsan Memari, March 14, 2018

Every business comes to a point where it has to grow and adapt to new circumstances. Marketers all around the world experiment with different practices in a variety of ways to see which process works best for them.   In order to sustain your growth and adaptation, you need to evaluate and compare your operations

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SkyPrep elearning training videos' Ehsan Memari, March 2, 2018

With the advent of e-learning, long gone are the days when learners used to prepare themselves for endless PowerPoint slideshows and were expected to gulp down dozens of hefty files in one go. E-learning is now on the rise and is introducing various mediums that can enrich and enhance the learning experience. Of all the

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