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Category: Human Resources

teamwork and collaboration
Roz, May 16, 2017

When you have to bring together team members who work in virtual offices away from your main center of operations, you need to focus attention on the efficiency of the tools provided if your teams are going to communicate effectively and produce optimally.   Here are four things your team needs to be able to

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apps to help creative teams
Roz, February 21, 2017

Collaborative, creative teams work best when they have the tools to capture their ideas, solutions and innovation as they occur.   Like everything else in the modern workplace, there are some great mobile apps for that.   Just about every productivity app has some means of recording ideas and insights, some are much more adaptable

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7 apps making life easier
Roz, February 13, 2017

Some mobile apps are so impressive that everyone is talking and writing about them.   Human resources departments are putting in requisitions for mass purchases to ensure that all employees move with the times and share information freely and effectively.   But there are a few apps that never make it to superstar status, but

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phone apps
Roz, February 6, 2017

With rapidly changing political, social and economic realities impacting business daily around the world, it has never been more important for business executives to know what is going on.   But who has time to thumb through a newspaper, sit through a television newscast, or even read all the reports on your industry when you

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Flexible work arrangement
Roz, October 24, 2016

With the influx of millennial employees into corporations around the world growing, the demands for more flexible work arrangements are escalating.   Up until now, companies have looked at flexible schedules, working from home situations, and working in non-business hours as a favor to workers.   In the future, however, trend-watchers say the pendulum will

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HR and Payroll software
Roz, October 17, 2016

In many companies and organizations it makes a lot of sense to integrate payroll and human resources application software.   It is a logical step in a technological age, primarily because both systems use essentially the same data. To have the names, addresses, wage package details and benefits of each employee entered once avoids the

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HR programs to involve employees
Roz, September 12, 2016

Ever since the Global Workforce Study reminded us that only one third of workers in North America are actually engaged with their work, the pressure has been on human resources departments to come up with ways to fix that problem.   Companies who once considered it was sufficient if people just showed up and performed

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people analytics
Roz, June 27, 2016

It may sound Orwellian, but one U.S. technology firm has used people analytics gathered by their Human Resources department to accurately determine which job candidates are most likely to become horrible employees who will cheat or steal from the firm and lie to their supervisors.   Still another high-production manufacturer is using people analytics to

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Outsourcing HR
Roz, March 7, 2016

More and more companies are outsourcing Human Resources functions and there is no indication that trend is going to change in 2016. In fact, a recent survey by HFS Research and KPMG International revealed that one third of companies plan to ramp up their outsourcing initiatives this year.   That’s because they are saving money

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