Our Commitment to You

At SkyPrep, we have a duty, both ethically and professionally, to ensure that the information entrusted to us adheres to the level of confidentiality, privacy, accuracy, and availability expected from us. As required by GDPR, the personal information that we are provided with will be protected against unauthorized disclosure, be easily maintainable to ensure accuracy, and attributable.

While GDPR focuses mainly on standardizing data privacy in EU countries, it also affects all organizations that have access to personal information of EU citizens, regardless of where the organization itself is located. As such, you’ll find our plan to become GDPR compliant below.

Our Security Infrastructure

Being a cloud-based company, ensuring that our customers’ data is protected is one of our primary focuses. Our infrastructure runs on Amazon AWS servers and AWS S3 storage, whose industry-leading services are heavily certified for both privacy and security. Further to this, SkyPrep will continually strive to maintain our security protocols and ensure that all aspects are up-to-date.

Please visit our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Security pages for more information.

SkyPrep Customers’ Enhanced Rights as Data Subjects

SkyPrep values our customers’ rights as data subjects. Regardless of location or nationality, we are committed to the support of the new rights of all SkyPrep customers as under the GDPR.

The Right to be Forgotten: You can cancel your SkyPrep platform at any time and your data will be retained for 90 days, as per the Terms and Conditions, upon which all information will be permanently deleted. If a user wishes to be immediately removed from the records, all SkyPrep platform Administrators have the ability to instantly delete a user and all of their information. Additionally, if a platform Administrator requires an immediate deletion of their platform, they can let us know at [email protected], and the platform, along with all of its information, will be deleted as soon as possible.

The Right to Object: If you don’t want to receive email notifications from SkyPrep, you are able to disable them yourself. Administrators are also able to disable email notifications for any user on their platform, if so requested. All marketing and update emails sent directly from SkyPrep will also contain an unsubscribe link in the footer, allowing recipients to opt out of future emails.

The Right of Rectification: Administrators can allow users to edit their own profiles to fix incorrect information, and they can also make the edits themselves. You can also directly contact us if you require assistance with accessing, amending, correcting, or deleting any information that we have about you if a platform administrator is unable to assist you.

The Right to Access: For information about what data we collect and how we use it, please refer to our Privacy Policy. Any questions about the data collected can be directed to [email protected]. All information requested will be provided free of charge and will be delivered within the one-month window as required by the GDPR, although it will typically be much faster.

The Right of Data Portability: If you require a copy of data, you can use any one of our multiple reporting options to export the data you need. We are also able to export your information to a third-party upon an administrator’s request, which should be sent to [email protected].

Data Portability Solutions and Data Management Tools

We are aware that our customers require help from us to be fully compliant with GDPR. Below, we’ve listed how we support GDPR compliance.

The Right to be Forgotten: All Administrators can permanently delete users and all their associated information, both individually and in bulk. Additionally, if the administrators are not responding to deletion requests, the request can be sent to [email protected] and we will be happy to do the deletion on our end.

The Right to Object: For users that do not wish to receive emails from SkyPrep or their platform, they can disable Email Notifications from their profile. Additionally, Administrators can also turn emails off for users.

The Right to Rectification: Administrators have full access to change and update a user’s information to ensure that it is correct. Users also have the ability to update their own profiles, and if editing profiles has been disabled by administrators, the user can contact an administrator or SkyPrep directly to access or update their information.

The Right to Access: Administrators are able to collect different information from their users using the Custom Fields feature. All information that is collected will also be visible in the user’s profile. If a user requires assistance with information in their profile and aren’t able to have their issue resolved by a platform administrator, they can contact us directly at [email protected] for assistance. While the GDPR mandates a maximum wait time of thirty days, we will be able to provide the information much quicker in most cases.

The Right of Data Portability: Our reporting tools allow Administrators to export data and information. These can be previewed online or saved as an XLSX or CSV file for record-keeping.

Consent: SkyPrep has two main features for acquiring consent. Administrators can opt to use a Terms and Conditions message that requires accepting before the user is given access to the platform, or they can opt to include one of our several signature/confirmation modules in a course, as shown here.

Our Sub-processors

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Staying Updated

If you have any Data Inquiry Request, please fill this form or email: [email protected]