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Security is at the forefront of our priorities at SkyPrep.

Security and tech specs
We take the security of our products seriously.
From our development and deployment processes to our data storage and uptime, we're focused on keeping your information safe while providing learning platforms that you can count on.
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Industry Leading Security Practices

We are proud to go above and beyond standard security practices when it come to protecting our clients’ data and information.

Our customers range from banks and pharmaceutical companies, to hospitals and government organizations, and we’re proud to provide learning platforms that you can count on.

SkyPrep’s technical team is always at the ready and regularly run performance and security tests. You can access our live system status at

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SkyPrep employs best-in-industry security practices, including:
  • Encryption and hashing of user data
  • Hourly snapshots and backups of databases
  • Security access tokens and keys protection
  • Automated, off-site backup of data
  • Storage of payment data on PCI compliant servers
  • TLS 1.2 encryption for data transfer

At SkyPrep we understand your LMS is critical to your company.

whether you are selling courses or training internal employees, it is important that your e-learning platform be available and running all the time.

We are always focused and trying to maximize uptime for our products and have achieived 99.99% service uptime for last 12 months. You can check our system status at

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Servers and Infrastructure

SkyPrep is built on Amazon AWS servers and cloud storage. This is the same technology that leading companies like Netflix and Zillow run on.

Our servers and data centers are located in Canada, the United States and Germany.

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To safeguard against information loss, we take backups regularly from our data and cloud storage.

Our relational database is backed up multiple times per day with retention up to 90 days, including backups on Amazon servers as well as off-site and offline backups.

Have more questions?

Our IT team would be happy to answer any questions you have about security or product specifications. Please contact us at or 1-855-SKY-PREP (1-855-759-7737).

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