Award-winning employee training software to engage and retain the best people.

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Provide your employees with the right training and the best knowledge to improve team performance

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In today’s unforgiving marketplace, continuous employee training is vital to keeping your business competitive and helping it grow.

A poorly trained workforce eventually leads to poor performance and may result in costly mistakes. Yet, productivity and revenue loss attributed to taking employees away from work, finding the resources to train and time constraints often prevent organizations from developing effective training programs.

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Unlock the Potential of Your Team

Remain Competitive Through Proactive Ongoing Training

Providing continuous training prevents a culture of disengaged and disconnected employees. SkyPrep enables your team to properly respond to the changes that come from technological updates, organizational restructuring, and process modifications, which results in improved employee performance and positive business outcomes.

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Develop the Team Of Experts Your Company Will Be Proud of

Top talent is a major competitive advantage for all organizations. SkyPrep enhances employees’ skills and minimizes the knowledge gap to bring your team to a greater standard of competency, which in return will deliver higher quality outputs, and an improved customer experience.

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Prepare Your Team Members for Advancement

Everyone wins when you offer real advancement opportunities. Deliver the right training the right way to expand your team’s professional skill set and increase their job satisfaction. Your employees will be more productive and dedicated to the success of your business.

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Protect Your Customers and Employees

Higher compliance standards helps protect your business. SkyPrep employee training software provides your team with the right training on regulations and company policies to ensure your organization is compliant and protected from risks and liabilities.

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Every Feature You Need for Smarter Employee Training

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Advanced Reporting and Analytics

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Easy to Use Interface

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Customizable Look and Branding

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Workflow Automations

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Third Party Integrations

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Mobile Ready

Make Your Employee Training More Powerful

Lower Employee Turnover

Retain your employees by offering them the opportunity to learn and use new skills. Workers who have the skills and confidence to do their jobs well are rewarded with a sense of satisfaction, resulting in higher workplace engagement and loyalty.

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Increase Performance

Increased Employee Performance

An employee who receives proper training is more equipped to exceed in their role. When staff receive a better understanding of safety practices and procedures, they produce high quality work more efficiently.

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Training Consistency

Ensure all employees have a consistent experience, background knowledge and policy understanding by delivering your training in one centralized location. Making content available on demand will enable your team to easily access training materials anywhere at anytime.

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Accurate Effectiveness

Accurate Measure of Training Effectiveness

Gain actionable insights into your training content and user performance through various reporting and wide range of metrics. Use the data and trends to identify your training needs and ensure users are getting the best knowledge.

Case Study: How USIS significantly reduced employee training time and costs

Before SkyPrep, USIS relied on instructor-led classes and on-the-go learning which was not cost effective and extremely time consuming. Read more on how SkyPrep enabled USIS to train their employees more efficiently by reducing training time from 32 hours to 4 hours.

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"After exhaustive research and trials SkyPrep is the clear winner. Now, one year after implementation the benefits are realized throughout the organization. With it's ease of use and well thought out functionality SkyPrep has given us an edge in the marketplace."

Learning and Development Manager, USIS

"With this software, I have everything that I need. The better way to control, track, and optimize my team training. With every day I work closely with my employees to the development and configure SkyPrep to fit our requirements."

Senior Manager, TIFF

"We have been using the SkyPrep Training software for several years now. We have found that the system is very simple to use and allows our department to train everyone without having to make officers come in on days off and pay overtime. We find it extremely useful for what we do. Thank you!"

Training Specialist, EPSD

Discover the Difference a Powerful LMS Makes on Your Employee Training


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