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Fuel your business' growth with the right channel and customer training software

Training different groups with different needs in multiple locations can be challenging.

Yet, expanding your learning audience beyond your internal employees is pivotal to reaching your full potential and staying ahead of the competition. When you properly train your partners and customers you reduce the risk of critical information being lost, products being used incorrectly and brand misrepresentation.

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Give your network the tools they need
to make your business a success

Turn buyers into loyal repeat customers

SkyPrep helps you avoid the risk of losing your customers to shelfware by creating an automated external training process to provide them with the tools they need to successfully use your product. They will see more value from using your products and will become more engaged and loyal customers.

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Ensure training uniformity across your dispersed workforce

Ensure your dispersed workforce have consistent product knowledge and best practices through SkyPrep’s online training software. Delivering and documenting essential education through e-learning allows you to easily track progress and your contractors’ knowledge of your organization’s legal, ethical and operational requirements.

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Enable your reps and agents to sell your products better

SkyPrep centralizes all of your training materials in one location, giving your reps and agents access to on-demand training content anywhere at any time to help them better perform, sell products and serve clients.

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Training without boundaries in a measurable way

SkyPrep gives you better control and quality over your training to ensure your dispersed team at your multiple branches are receiving consistent and effecting training on brand, processes, and best practices.

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Get the support you need to build a thriving association

Recruiting volunteers can be challenging as many people don’t have the time available to complete on site training in addition to their volunteer hours. Prevent volunteers from quitting early, boost their engagement and ensure they understand your mission by allowing them complete required training in their own time even before they start working with you.

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Customer and channel training
with a tangible impact on your business

Improved customer experience

Give your customers easy access to product training in order to cut back on early user frustration and customer support issues. A customer who can implement a new product effortlessly is a happy customer.

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Reduced churn

Improve retention rates by giving customers a better chance for success with the correct product onboarding. When customers see the value of your products and services, they will be more likely to renew their subscription with you.

Wider user adoption

Take down geographical barriers, time issues and training disengagement by easily reaching across your dispersed network and training them online at a time that is most convenient for them. Your partners will then be equipped to better promote and sell your products.

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Consistent branding

Ensure the same level of expert of product knowledge between your external partners and internal employees. Training anyone to represent your brand and reflect the right image will bring standardized customer experiences and drive the best possible results for your business.

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While there is a lot of in-person training required for the practical aspects of teaching soccer, Little Kickers International also has a lot of legally required desk training to do. Read more about how SkyPrep helped Little Kickers train 1500 coaches in 250 locations across the globe.

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