Create personalized
learning experiences
with social learning

Promote knowledge sharing and team
collaboration with a social learning
and document management platform

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Centralize training content while allowing learners
to collaborate and share ideas with each other.

SkyPrep Unity Benefit Make Content Easily Accessible

Spark team collaboration

Group discussions and knowledge sharing foster a collaborative learning environment.

Make content easily accessible

Organize training materials in one easy location for your team to access.

SkyPrep Unity Benefit Make Content Easily Accessible

SkyPrep Unity features

SkyPrep Unity Feature Make Content Easily Accessible

Participate in group discussion

Learners can engage in group discussions, offer comments, and pose questions on training materials to share thoughts and get the answers they need.

SkyPrep Unity Feature Organize Content into Folders

Organize content into folders

Store documents and training materials in public and private folders and assign them to users for efficient document management.

SkyPrep Unity Feature Search for Files, Comments, and Discussions

Search for files, comments, and discussions

Utilize deep search capabilities to search text in documents and easily find files, comments, and discussions across the platform.

SkyPrep Unity Feature Connect with Others Who Share The Same Skills

Connect with others who share the same skills

Connect and collaborate with colleagues who share similar skills and expertise within the organization.