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4 Good Reasons to Use More Mobile Apps

By Bobby
Published on March 28, 2017

4 Good Reasons to Use More Mobile Apps

A lot of corporate managers are slow to embrace mobile technology in the workplace. They see it as something the employees would like and might spend their time using, but they aren’t convinced it is good for the company too.

As a human resources professional or team leader, if you have to persuade a management team about the benefits of going mobile, here are 4 key arguments to bring them around to your way of thinking:

1. Engagement of the remote worker. 

Mobile apps make it easier to engage your remote workforce. According to the International Data Corporation figures, the millions of mobile workers continue to increase far more rapidly than the number of workers sticking to traditional workplaces.

Having the flexibility of mobile technology not only benefits these employees, but the companies who employ. They have the flexibility to work on their own schedules as long as they meet their deadlines and for the millennial worker in particular, that is a prize to be coveted.

The use of these mobile devices and applications, such as BoostHQ, makes it possible to have instant access to these employees spread across different regions, countries, and continents. It helps to cross time zone barriers, geographic barriers and even language barriers.

Apps like BoostHQ helps your team collaborate work together and collaborate as if your workspace was online.

Workplace trend research gurus Deloitte goes as far as to predict that the future of the global workforce will be a “mobile only” one.

2. Better recruitment of the top talent. 

If you are trying to lure the best and the brightest workers into your company or organization, your best bet is to put your money into mobile career sites because that’s where you will find them.

According to a survey by CareerBuilder, two out of five job candidates interviewed said their perception of a company is negative if they do not have a career site that is mobile optimized.

Mobile recruitment apps also make it possible for companies to have instant access to employees in other countries and remote locations when needed.

Even on home turf, the apps make faster hiring processes possible and ease the process of onboarding new staff.

3. Real-time information fosters success. 

Using mobile devices for learning programs fosters progress in any organization since employees are able to receive and absorb information in real-time as they need it.

Being able to find answers when they are needed and learn at an employee’s own pace have been found to benefit companies with both onsite and remote workers alike.

By the end of this year, it is estimated that more than 90 percent of workers will interact primarily through their mobile devices and this will serve to create a more relevant and engaged workforce.

It also decreases training costs and allows training materials to be kept up to date and relevant. The data contained in mobile learning apps also serves as a great reference library for all employees and encourages them to broaden their knowledge of the organization.

4. Mobile apps make workers happier. 

According to research by webexpenses, employees who use mobile apps in the workplace have 21 percent happier employees than those who discourage their use.

They also reported that they are more likely to get their work completed because of the time-saving capacity of using their favorite productivity apps.

About two-thirds of those who use mobile apps at work cite their preferred apps as one that helps them save time, stay on top of their tasks and manage their money.

Task management apps were far and away the most popular mobile apps, selected as a favorite by 44 percent of workers surveyed. Next were apps relating to travel and networking apps such as LinkedIn.

The employees also reported that apps that helped them work on the go and shortened the time they had to spend on administrative tasks were the most desirable.

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