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Roz, January 3, 2017

Helping employees remember what they are taught and being more engaged in continual learning are key reasons gamification is still on the corporate training radar in 2017.   Even though a number of executives remain leery about the process, they are grudgingly accepting it because it works.   A signification study by Joanna Koivisto, Juho

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video based learning
Roz, December 19, 2016

If you have a tight budget combined with serious gaps in the learning skills of your employees, you may not have to invest a size-able budget in creating your own materials.   More and more human resources managers are turning to video-based learning from sources such as YouTube to close the gap.   There are

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email apps
Roz, November 29, 2016

In generations past, if you really wanted to waste time you could stand watching the grass grow or the water boil in a pot.   Today, we have email.   People you would cross the street to avoid can send you messages, as can marketers with products you don’t want, acquaintances with news you don’t

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BoostHQ productivity app
Roz, November 21, 2016

The concept of daily “to-do” lists goes as far back as Leonardo da Vinci’s laboratory and touches on the lives of such super-accomplished people as John Lennon, Benjamin Franklin and folksinger Woody Guthrie.   None of them could have considered the degree to which it could grow or the sophistication it could reach with the

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most user-friendly LMS software
Roz, November 15, 2016

We’ve received some really great news regarding feedback from our valued customers. According to Capterra, SkyPrep has been ranked the number 1 most user-friendly LMS software in the market!   We’re so proud of this accomplishment because we work incredibly hard to create the best user experience for all our customers, and constantly strive to

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mobile trends in the workplace
Roz, November 14, 2016

There has been a profound change in the last ten years in the way that companies track employee training. Prior to 2010, companies employed systems that were hosted on local servers that needed dedicated IT teams to implement and maintain – a luxury that was difficult for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to afford. In

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flexible work arrangements
Roz, November 7, 2016

One of the most requested benefits by millennial workers is flexible working arrangements.   Unwilling to make their personal life mold around a set work schedule, the new worker demands work-life balance and that includes taking different days off, having a shift start an hour earlier or later to take the stress out of a

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humor in the workplace
Roz, October 31, 2016

A good laugh has been known to brighten a workplace day, but to what extent should a culture of humor be fostered?   To a large extent if your aim is to create a creative, innovative work team, you should use humor. Chris Robert, a University of Missouri scholar conducted research in the journal “Research

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Flexible work arrangement
Roz, October 24, 2016

With the influx of millennial employees into corporations around the world growing, the demands for more flexible work arrangements are escalating.   Up until now, companies have looked at flexible schedules, working from home situations, and working in non-business hours as a favor to workers.   In the future, however, trend-watchers say the pendulum will

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HR and Payroll software
Roz, October 17, 2016

In many companies and organizations it makes a lot of sense to integrate payroll and human resources application software.   It is a logical step in a technological age, primarily because both systems use essentially the same data. To have the names, addresses, wage package details and benefits of each employee entered once avoids the

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