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new HR software
Roz, October 11, 2016

If your company is considering your repeated plea for new human resources software programs, it is unlikely you will get the full go-ahead without being asked to make a business case for them.   Rarely does the argument that it will make your job easier or help you do something a little better sway head

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adding excitement to online learning
Roz, September 26, 2016

Employees who learn together can bond in creative environments and the result is an increased level of innovation in your company.   Even though you may have transferred your learning options from traditional seminars with scheduled trainers to online programs, there are still ways you can build collaborations between online learners.   Here are 5

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Roz, September 19, 2016

In a rush to make millennial employees happy, a number of companies are making significant moves to allow these new workers to select their own benefits. Employees want to see a smorgasbord of health and financial benefits laid out and cherry-pick what best fits their lifestyle.   It sounds like a perfect solution for a

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HR programs to involve employees
Roz, September 12, 2016

Ever since the Global Workforce Study reminded us that only one third of workers in North America are actually engaged with their work, the pressure has been on human resources departments to come up with ways to fix that problem.   Companies who once considered it was sufficient if people just showed up and performed

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virtual meetings
Roz, September 6, 2016

The days of team members and their managers trudging into boardrooms to hear the delivery of status reports and directives for the future are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.   More than half of the world’s workers can’t understand why corporations would waste time moving them physically into one room when the same

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remote employees
Roz, August 29, 2016

Fifty-two percent of employees are already working from their homes at least one day a week and that trend is bound to continue with the growth of enabling technology for remote labor forces.   Companies which consider both the advantages and disadvantages of not having their workers under one roof are better equipped to handle

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Learning management system
Roz, August 24, 2016

SkyPrep is super excited to announce that we’ve been rated number 1 for the 2016 SaaS summer games learning management system.   In the summer games, top players in the world of cloud business software are pitted against each other to finish first. The purpose of the summer games is to find out which one is

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Pokemon Go

Any efforts by human resources departments to date to use gamification as an employee engagement tool or to interest employees in new training programs are weak in comparison to the tremendous force of Pokemon Go.   Have you noticed your millennial employees and trendy seasoned workers spending their lunch breaks chasing imaginary characters around your

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lower security risks
Roz, August 15, 2016

As more and more companies look to technology to maintain security in the workplace, the issue of ensuring that staff is comfortable with this trend is increasingly important.   Apps for voice or facial recognition are growing in popularity.   In fact, the Microsoft Envisioning Center predicts that voice recognition technology will become so sophisticated

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Roz, August 11, 2016

With the growing and changing workforce, remote work is slowly becoming the new trend. There is a lot of controversy debating the merits of remote work, and if it can actually benefit or hinder your organizations performance.   Having a distributed team can seem like a nightmare for a manger. Keeping on top of everything

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