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modern workplace
Roz, March 28, 2016

Forbes magazine recently reported that by 2020, the average number of square feet of workspace provided by companies to each employee will be reduced to 150 from the current 400.   The downsizing of office space comes as corporations respond to trends that see more and more employees working remotely. The latest figures show that

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eLearning for disability
Roz, March 21, 2016

Imagine working through years of school despite a learning disability and without any additional assistance or attention compared to the rest of the class. Many people have had this experience, especially before learning disorders started becoming more visible and openly discussed. These days, most schools have resource programs that are designed to provide support to

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Roz, March 14, 2016

Ever since Gallup Research let employers in the United States know that having disengaged employees was costing them more than $550 billion a year, human resources officials from Texas to Juneau have been struggling to get workers back in the game.   For the sales staff at least, there are more and more indications that

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Outsourcing HR
Roz, March 7, 2016

More and more companies are outsourcing Human Resources functions and there is no indication that trend is going to change in 2016. In fact, a recent survey by HFS Research and KPMG International revealed that one third of companies plan to ramp up their outsourcing initiatives this year.   That’s because they are saving money

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employee handbook
Roz, March 3, 2016

One of the most important documents that exists between an employer and an employee is the formal “Employee Handbook.”   According to the United States Small Business Administration, a proper handbook should clearly detail your expectations for your employees and describe what they can expect from you.   As a human resources professional, if you

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Sales Training
Roz, February 29, 2016

Traditional training for new sales representatives meant sending them on the road with a veteran sales performer and telling the newcomer to look and learn.   By travelling a week or two with the seasoned professional, the newcomer would be exposed to sufficient situations and observe how to handle them and see how their product

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Outsourcing compliance monitoring
Roz, February 22, 2016

No matter what the nature of your small or mid-sized business is, you must comply with a large number of government laws and regulations.   Ignorance of the law, no matter how obscure it might seem to you, is no excuse if you fail to adhere to it.   For human resources professionals, the challenge

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workplace diversity
Roz, February 16, 2016

All human resources departments sooner or later are charged with delivering diversity training to employees. In the past, it was something that was sandwiched in almost as an afterthought, after the really “serious” things like task-training, efficiency training, and leadership training were completed.   The changing complexity of today’s workforce has changed all that and

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psychometric testing
Roz, February 9, 2016

According to research conducted by the Psychometric Success organization, using tests to determine the personality and abilities of job candidates continues in more than 80% of the Fortune 500 companies in the United States. In the United Kingdom, more than 75% of the Time Top 100 companies also use them.   Yet these exercises, known

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hiring the right fit among job candidates
Roz, February 1, 2016

As anyone who has ever tried to walk a mile in shoes that were too tight can attest, nothing hurts more than a bad fit.   That’s especially true when the bad fit is a person slotted into a job to which they are not suited.   Like the uncomfortable shoe, on the surface you

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