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How to Get Employees Excited for Online Training

By Alicia Beharry
Published on August 9, 2021

The phrase “employee training” may seem like it lacks excitement, and employees probably lack enthusiasm when they hear it.  Some employees may even think training is a waste of their time, but that couldn’t be the furthest from the truth. A negative connotation towards employee training can impact your business’s growth and success drastically. Your business should make it a priority to never let your employees become uninvolved and disengaged during their online training sessions. When individuals feel motivated and passionate about their training, it will translate into their daily work. 

Employee engagement definitely plays a role in the growth of your organization. There are many online training platforms out there, but you can not expect your employees to learn if they are not willing to. One thing you can do is take a positive approach on this matter and inspire them. Hosting your employees in a boardroom and repeating your training content over and over, is possibly the worst approach you can take. Employee training software programs are a more effective option as they will keep your employees well indulged in content and excited to learn new things each day. 

When employees are willing to participate in training activities and feel excited to learn, you will create an emotional connection. One that connects them emotionally, to your organization and its goals. Once employees feel involved, they will have a deep-seated desire in their hearts to further their knowledge and skills. Intrinsic motivation is very important when it comes to training your employees. So the question is how do you motivate employees to experience an online training platform? We have come up with some of the best ways to make your employees excited for their online training. Let us take a look:

Create Engaging Online Training Content

To see a note-worthy improvement in your company’s training ROI, it is important to look at the cost structure of employee training. Traditional in-person training methods do incur a hefty cost. A physical classroom, instructor and trainee travel, maintenance costs, trainer wages, hard copy materials, upkeep costs etc. all exponentially add up for training expenditure. On the other hand, eLearning solutions and mobile training are a more cost efficient way to deliver knowledge and upskill employees. An LMS takes a focused approach, in a short time you can train target groups on specific content and know-how, personalized just for them. This method instantly translates to higher levels or revenue with lower overheads and a higher ROI for the business. Decisions regarding course creation will become easier when it is known that your LMS can efficiently repurpose content and keep your employees up to speed.

Develop Exciting Online Training Activities

The last thing online training should ever be considered is boring! No organization should want their employees to feel like they can catch some Zs during their training sessions. If you want to avoid sending your team off to dreamland, develop fun activities for employees to partake in within their online training courses. Feeling innovative and productive usually happens when people feel happy and inspired. Imbed fun tasks and team games within your employees training programs that will keep their minds refreshed and make them smile. Making training an enjoyable experience will help employees retain the information they have learned.

Make The Long Term Benefits Of Training Known

Rewards make literally everything fun! So, letting your employees know the benefits that will come upon completion of their training sessions, they will be more enthusiastic about participating. A good training program will build and enhance your employees skills for the long run. In addition to implementing fun activities within your online training program, organizations should also give prizes for participation and progress in the form of event tickets, gift cards etc. Another fun method to keep employees growing is to create healthy competitions. Fun competitions will give individuals the desire to win and thrive until the goal is achieved.

Make Online Training Flexible

When training is made mandatory, some employees may see it as a burden and find excuses to skip out on it. Never let your employees see training sessions in this light. Offer multiple days for your employees to attend mandatory online training so they do not feel overwhelmed to cover course content all at once. Along with the choice of days, it is recommended that you offer flexible timing so they are able to attend training based on their personal schedules, rather than the organization’s. Training that is available on-demand is a great fit for employees that are working remotely and juggling tight work schedules, in addition to their personal obligations. Online Training should be mobile-ready and available to be accessed on different platforms like mobile phones, tablets and laptops so your employees can log-in and fulfill their training from any location.

Let Your Employees Know They Are Valued

It is a wonderful feeling to feel valued and appreciated. Making your online training flexible is a great advantage, but you must also let your employees know they are valued and being heard. Survey your employees and determine what particular content and skills they want to learn, rather than developing generic training content and imposing it on them. Employees will be engaged and actively participate in online training sessions when they know the content being presented to them is tailored to their learning needs.

SkyPrep is an intuitive online training software that will help your organization deliver the best and engaging online learning experience to your employees. Employee motivation and an efficient employee training program go hand in hand. To learn more about SkyPrep, request a call and one of our product specialists will be in touch shortly.

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