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5 Tips to Make Your Corporate Training Programs More Impactful

By Mark Francis
Published on May 10, 2021

Corporate training programs usually have a reputation of being tedious and boring. Many employees also have a preconceived notion that it will disrupt their busy schedules and workloads.

If employees feel this way about their corporate training courses, they are very likely to lose interest and motivation in their training programs, lowering their knowledge retention.

How can you change the unfavorable preconception around corporate training to make it more effective?

Let’s take a look at five ways you can make your corporate training courses more immersive and impactful for your employees.

1) Deliver Online Training Based on Skill Gaps

Employees are likely to lose interest and may possibly become annoyed if they are having to complete corporate training courses they have already mastered. It will most likely make them feel like they are wasting their time. If it is a topic they have already mastered, there is no need for them to re-learn it.

A good way to avoid this is by implementing a “pre-test” module within your LMS that quizzes your learners before they begin the online training courses to determine what they already know.

Additionally, when you take inventory of your employee’s existing skills, you can then prescribe relevant training content through your LMS.

This will ensure they get the information they need without them spending any extra unnecessary time. A pre-test will also help you recognize common skill gaps that exist within your business and delivering more targeted training will eliminate them.

2) Utilize Virtual Classrooms to Instill a Culture of Learning

Employee training can get very costly and time-consuming for organizations to maintain, especially when they have a large number of employees located in different areas.

Mentorship and coaching however, are undoubtedly one of the best corporate training tools a business has. It can contribute to keeping your employees motivated to continue learning. With the utilization of an LMS, organizations can scale back the costs of training by leveraging the power of interactive virtual classrooms.

Virtual classrooms give employees the opportunity to view scenarios and prompts, and once they feel confident on how they would like to respond they can do so by video response to their virtual coach.

The virtual classroom gives employees the opportunity to make mistakes in a stress-free environment and will help them improve how they respond to challenges through repetition. 

3) Make Training Bite-Sized

If you make your employee training courses too long, employees are likely to lose focus while learning. Microlearning, the concept of dividing training into small bite-sized sections that are easier for employees to digest, is a good strategy to implement.

Additionally, look for ways to reduce repetitive information in your online training courses, and provide your employees with additional resources if they may need it. 

4) Make Training Mobile

The days of sitting in an office having to complete the training are now ancient. Your employees should have the power of completing training from any location and even while they are on the go.

Incorporating mobile learning into your online training will give your employees more options as to when they can fulfill their required training and it will less likely feel like a burden.

5) Implement Gamification

If you want to keep your employees engaged, a great way to make your corporate training courses more impactful is by turning them into a game. Gamification is the process of incorporating game designs and mechanics to your training.

The goal is to keep your learners motivated and is a proven method for increasing employee engagement. All you need to do is find some ways of turning your training courses and lessons into a game.

This can be by assigning points and badges based on progress, or by creating a leaderboard to get some excitement and positive competition going. 

Now that you know some great ways to improve your corporate training courses, take some time to analyze your existing training materials to see where improvement could be made. SkyPrep specializes in helping build flexible, engaging learning and development programs through our Learning Management System. Speak to an expert today to learn more!

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