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Mobile Learning – The Future of Corporate Training

By Ehsan Memari
Published on November 5, 2018

Many companies today are recognizing the importance of mobile learning and are incorporating it in their training programs actively.

Mobile learning, also known as m-learning is a type of learning management system (LMS) which supports a consistent access to the learning process with the help of cell phone devices. Mobile learning is somewhat more widespread than just eLearning on a mobile phone or a portable device. This kind of learning provides greater engagement and rates of completion.

Below are some of the ways a company can use mobile learning.

Benefits of Mobile Learning

1) Engagement

Engagement is a very important characteristic that makes m-Learning a lot more different than other methods that are used for teaching and instructive purposes. m-Learning programs are designed for more engagement and interactivity by implementing different learning strategies such as microlearning and gamification into your m-learning program.

2) Flexible access

Flexible access and easiness are beyond a doubt the features of mLearning that companies value the most. As stated previously, companies now appreciate how the flexibility factor can be advantageous for them which is precisely the reason why they prefer not to shy away from consuming content and making use of all of the information that has been made available to them. According to a survey, this convenient feature has also allowed consumers to complete courses about 45% faster than consumers who used the conventional approach to learning.

3) Synchronization

Synchronization is another way how mobile learning can be used to prove that it is beneficial for the learning process. Most mobile learning platforms and applications not only permit consumers to consume content as per their convenience, but they correspondingly permit consumers to log in to their accounts through numerous different devices. This gives you the advantage to continue training from right where you stopped whenever you find that you have some time to spare even if you have a smartphone or a tablet handy.

Challenges of Mobile Learning

In spite of several benefits, m-learning in corporate world has its own challenges and restraints including threat to data security, content issues and budget constraints. Using mobile phones in companies can pose a threat to the safety of company data. Moreover, there may be content issues wherein file sizes and formats that are otherwise easily operated on computers and laptops may not open on mobiles. Lastly, a large budget allocation is needed for making the mobile learning strategy successful in the companies.

Mobile Learning and SkyPrep

SkyPrep Inc. also offers combined corporate e-learning solutions to help top notch corporations simplify online training and knowledge sharing in their organizations. It provides full mobile support to its users and has a dedicated Android and ios app for it’s users.. Consumers are more satisfied with the basic nature of the program on mobile learning platforms, the engagement influence, and the relevance of the content. Therefore, individuals also complete training and courses considerably quicker than they would be by using other devices. Thus, SkyPrep mobile app helps save a lot of time of the instructors as well.

Final Words

All in all, mobile learning is a very effective method of education in today’s times of innovative technology and SkyPrep is well aware of its significance. It is anticipated that in the times to come, mobile learning will not be a ‘choice’ anymore but rather a necessary learning mode in the corporate world.

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