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How to Personalize Your Employee Onboarding Program

By Alicia Beharry
Published on September 16, 2022

It is common for businesses to take the one size fits all approach when it comes to their employee training and onboarding programs. This is not usually beneficial to the company in the long run. Creating a more personalized training program is more impactful and helpful to your employee onboarding training, as it is tailored to each individual’s skill set, learning styles and needs. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a personalized employee onboarding program.

Equity Is Created

Employee training that is one size fits all will not benefit learners from various learning styles and cultural backgrounds. Rather, it will make learning stressful and have individuals feel left behind if they are unable to grasp certain concepts in training and the context they are being delivered in. When your onboarding program is personalized, knowledge gaps are bridged and accounted for. This supports equity for your employees and their training and development process. 

Cost Efficient

Generally the reason organizations steer towards selecting a one size fits all approach for their employee training and onboarding needs is because it may be the more inexpensive option. The truth of the matter is that “one size” rarely works for all. When employees do not receive the support and personalized training they require, time is wasted trying to figure out exactly what they need to know, tasks will be done incorrectly for a more prolonged period of time, leaving them frustrated and in a negative work mindset. This can be easily avoided by opting for a personalized employee training experience.

How to Implement A Personalized Employee Training Program

Here are a few tips on how you can implement personalized employee training within your organization.

1. Incorporate Quizzes Into eLearning Modules

Adding quizzes and other assessment features into your online training module does not require much more effort from the course creator as it should be an easy to use feature within your LMS. This feature will bring to your attention what areas particular learners require reinforcement in and will also allow them to save time by bypassing content they already have knowledge on.

2. Discover Employees Training Needs With Surveys

Receiving feedback from your employees plays a major part in creating the best training experience possible. This feedback can be received in the form of interviews, team meetings, polls, or comment and feedback boxes after each module is completed. The information you collect will help you determine what training content is needed by some employees, what information is obsolete, and what is needed from you by the entire team.

3. Create A Library Of Training Resources

Your company should offer a searchable library of training materials in the form of PowerPoint decks, relevant YouTube videos, podcasts, PDF documents and short videos, which employees can access from any location at any time. These informational resources will give your employees the power to simply search up information that is task-specific or quickly find answers to any questions that may come up.

4. Be A Mentor

There will be many onboarding training resources available for your employees. Because of this mentorship doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. Rather, it can be a supplemental way of steering your workforce in the right direction. After all, mentorship is one of the oldest methods of employee training

Personalizing your employee onboarding program does not need to be time consuming. Try a few of these simple tips and you will be able to notice some positive results. Additionally, implementing an eLearning solution designed by training development experts will simplify your employee training and take your onboarding process to the next level. 

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