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Easily Create Tests and Quizzes

Online testing with SkyPrep is a breeze. Just go to your exam manager to create an exam. Once created, you can use the exam as many times as you want in any of your courses. Use SkyPrep as just a test and assessment tool or as a full-blown LMS. Creating online quizzes, tests and exams has never been easier.

Multi-Format Tests

Build your tests with multiple choice, true or false, fill-in-the-blank and short-answer questions. You can even embed videos and other material into questions, creating an engaging environment.

Exam Settings

Categorize your exams and set time limits, passing grades, the maximum number of exam attempts, and more. You can even provide your learners with solutions after they have completed the exam to compare their answers.

Automated Grading

SkyPrep's online testing software marks assessments for you, letting you use your time more efficiently. You can also manually grade questions or override auto-marked ones if you choose to.

Testing the Way You Want

With SkyPrep's easy test maker, you can create a variety of questions in various formats. You can assign a point value to each question, making certain questions worth more than others. You can also attach images, videos, or even PowerPoints to a question, creating a visual and interactive test.

Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple choice questions offer many options, and can have more than one right answer if needed.

True or False

Straightforward, quick and easy. Add true or false questions within seconds.


Have your users fill-in-the-blank, and set more than one option as the correct response. For example, “three” and “3” can both be set to correct.

Short Answer

Create short-answer or essay type questions for your exams. Once a user submits their test, platform administrators will be automatically notified that they need to mark the question.

Improve Your Staff

Proper testing lets you gauge your employees' understanding and highlights what training material you need to emphasize. Find out which of your employees knows their stuff and which ones need more help.

Pre-Screen Testing

Create tests for your employees to take before starting a course to gauge how much they know beforehand. You can then assess how much training is needed and how in-depth you should make the course.

Course Testing

In a course, you can create quizzes and tests to see much of the material is being understood and how much knowledge is being retained within your organization

Track Tests Over Time

With SkyPrep, you can track the progress of each employee over time and see the pace at which they are improving.

A Tool For Everyone

The best way to track learning for students is by creating quizzes and tests. Using SkyPrep, you can track and observe student test scores and get a feel for their progress over the length of a course.


Create shorter quizzes along the way for students to practice. You can set each quiz to have an unlimited number of attempts and then keep track of the number of attempts a student takes to pass the quiz.


You can create mid-term tests and end-of-course exams that allow only a single attempt. You can also make the exam timed so that students have a limited amount of time to complete the test.

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