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4 Tips for Engaging Virtual Learners

By Ehsan Memari
Published on December 24, 2020

Virtual learning can sometimes be challenging for learners to stay engaged and attentive. Many courses turn to polls and trivias within their online training software courses as a method of ensuring that learners are acquiring the necessary knowledge. There are also a number of other ways to keep your audience engaged. Read on for four engagement techniques you can build into your next online course.

Add Gamification to your training software

Consider incorporating gamification into your online training software. Create learning games or trivia quizzes on any topic and include a scoreboard, allocate points when questions are answered correctly. If they are incorrect, simply commend your learner for their effort and give and explain the correct answer. The games will encourage friendly competition and offer a fast-paced fun way to test your learners’ knowledge.

Use a prompt, then ask for participation

Ask learners to complete a thought exercise and set expectations that they will have the opportunity to contribute their ideas to the group. Examples of effective prompts to consider include:

  • “Take a moment to consider…”
  • “Think of a time when…”

Alternatively, you can create a more detailed prompt or activity. An example may be “Take a look at the items on the screen. Which is more important to you and why?” You may then ask learners to contribute their answer verbally or the method of your choice. 

Incorporate real-time application

Oftentimes with online training, there are real-world, in-product applications for the skills and knowledge learners acquire during virtual training sessions. It is extremely beneficial and engaging to take a few minutes to pause and ask participants to apply something that they’ve learned. Giving them the time to try things out will likely prompt interesting questions and help them recall what they’ve learned. It pays to give people a moment to process a lesson by performing the relevant action. 

Encourage Collaboration

Let your learners collaborate with their peers for better learning. Form a group or an online discussion portal where your learners can get together to talk, share their understanding, or even provide feedback. Make use of breakout rooms to get students together for discussions.

SkyPrep understands your needs in fostering successful employee engagement. With our online training software you can build courses that keep your employees interested and stimulated.

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