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Empower your remote workforce with interactive and engaging virtual classrooms

With the proper training software, you will be able to keep your team in the know and well trained, regardless of where they are.

More and more organizations are embracing work from home policies. With a dispersed and remote workforce, it can be a challenge to deliver vital training and resources employees need to succeed in their roles.

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Common Industries Training Remotely

Make Vital Training Available Across Any Work Site

Provide simple access to courses and industry-specific materials at any time for staff working at different job site locations or various shift schedules. Ensure your staff can access the training they need from any location, whenever it is convenient for them.

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Keep your Dispersed Team Connected

Ensure employees working in various office locations or at home can stay up to date on product updates and new policies and procedures with ease. Bring your training online to provide your team with simple access to these training materials from any location.

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Provide Consistent Training to All Your Employees

Deliver consistent training to employees working in various geographical office locations. Whether your staff is based locally or in a different continent, your dispersed team can build their knowledge and skills from wherever they are at any time.

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Enhance Customer Experience

Provide your remote customer service team with an effective virtual training for an improved customer experience. Educate them on company products and services with a consistent training program from any where.

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Every Feature You Need
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Centralized Resource

A Turn-Key Solution That
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Increase Accessibility

Provide learners easy access to the training material when they need it. Learners can log into their platform and access courses from wherever at any time.

Enhance Learner Engagement

Create an interactive and engaging learning experience through integrated web-conferencing tools. Share your video, audio, slides, and desktop with your team, and learners can engage by participating in forums and ask questions in real-time.

Decrease Training Costs

Reduce costs associated with traditional in-person training. Having your training and materials online provides an efficient and cost-effective approach of managing and delivering your training program.

Track Effectiveness

Stay on top of your remote team’s training progress through pre-built and customized reports. Leverage important KPIs to spot gaps and ensure your learners are receiving the best training possible.

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