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How Microlearning Can Help Your Business

By Ehsan Memari
Published on April 30, 2018

The success of a business is greatly dependent on the performance and productivity of its employees. Luckily, there are many ways through which business owners can make sure that their employees are getting all the help they need to perform well.

Giving your employees the right kind of training can prove to be extremely beneficial in increasing both, the productivity and engagement levels of employees. You cannot expect considerable growth in your business if you do not invest in training your employees.

With the advancements in technology, companies have come up with effective knowledge sharing platforms that give your employees a chance to access microlearning material that you have provided. But before you witness the amazing knowledge sharing platforms available, you must first understand the concept of Microlearning and why you should adopt it if you haven’t already.

What is MicroLearning?

The conventional method of providing training to employees is today considered to be counterproductive. That’s because the employees are not able to retain most of the information and sometimes perceive such sessions to be simply stuffed with information.

Employees, therefore, need something that is easier to retain and access along with a higher level of engaging ability. The concept of microlearning has become popular in today’s world to address this need.

Microlearning is the process of presenting essential training material in retainable quantity on easily accessible platforms. It is thus an advanced way of learning and training that can bring about some great benefits.

Benefits of MicroLearning

1. Increased Motivation

By presenting training material in a concise and retainable manner, the employees get a chance to learn according to their ability.

That brings about a higher level of motivation since with each milestone achieved; a greater sense of accomplishment comes.

The ability to progress in a short time gives the employees a chance to learn and achieve goals according to their own pace.

2. Effective Material

Rather than bombarding the employees with excessive learning material, employers have the chance to provide them with concise and effective learning content that they can use at regular intervals.

Through this, the employers can make the goals and objectives clear at the beginning of the training process and make it easier for themselves, as well as, the employees to monitor the progress.

3. Accessibility

Because microlearning can be done on any of the devices available today, the employees get a chance to learn whenever and where ever they want. Not having to open a laptop or sitting on a desktop can prove to be extremely convenient and increases an employee’s willingness to learn.

4. Higher Engagement

Through introducing a rewards system in microlearning, you can increase the level of engagement of the employees during the training process.

Moreover, since the employees access the material on their smartphones or tablets, the whole process feels more personalized and engaging.

Employees can also turn on push notifications for the microlearning programs which enables them to keep track of their learning progress.

5. Greater Appeal

With millennials forming a majority of the workforce today, having such personalized and engaging training platforms can help businesses motivate their employees to learn and become productive.

That’s because millennials are always looking for solutions that are flexible and technologically progressive.

Being able to learn new skills in a time-consuming and advanced manner can significantly improve the motivation of your employees.

6. Analytics

With the help of microlearning, employers can keep track of the progress that their employees are making and how effective their training material is with the help of analytics.

By monitoring the performance of the employees, employers can keep taking measures to improve the morale and productivity of their workforce.

7. Retention

Apart from the fact that the employees can access training material according to their needs, using micro learning platforms can help employers present the content in different ways.

With the help of various presentation techniques, employers can ensure greater retention levels.

Also, by using different learning methods, you can appeal to each user’s learning style thus making sure that the material is found helpful by everyone.

8. Ease of Development

Businesses can also benefit in some ways by using microlearning. The templates that are already provided by the platforms provide ease of development to the author of the training material. Moreover, whenever there is a need to make changes or update the material, the technologically advanced nature of the microlearning platform enables the author to do so without any hassle.

9. Cost Effective

Another benefit for the business can be seen reflected in the total cost incurred. Traditional learning methods can prove to be costly for businesses.

Moreover, there is also a lot of time invested in the implementation of traditional training methods. Business should look forward to adopting microlearning to save both, time and money.

10.Greater Impact

The last advantage of using a microlearning platform is related to the impact of the whole process. By using such a technologically advanced way of training, both, learners and businesses can ensure a greater impact.

That’s because microlearning works in such a way that it results in a greater ability to meet the training goals. The process of tagging a clear and concise objective with each training session has proven to be extremely effective.

Bottom Line

To make use of the numerous benefits of microlearning, you can seek help from knowledge sharing platforms such as BoostHQ that provide your employees with a convenient and simple-to-use platform that they can access according to their learning needs.

BoostHQ can help you organize and efficiently share your training material with the employees. Moreover, with the help of analytics, BoostHQ can make you aware of all the necessary aspects of training, such as most frequently accessed material and the most active employees.

Click here to learn more about how you can make employee training a breeze by using a knowledge sharing tool like BoostHQ.

So, introduce microlearning today to make your employees efficient and productive.


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