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6 Steps to Make a Business Case for New HR software

By Roz
Published on October 11, 2016

If your company is considering your repeated plea for new human resources software programs, it is unlikely you will get the full go-ahead without being asked to make a business case for them.


Rarely does the argument that it will make your job easier or help you do something a little better sway head office unless you work in sales or production.


Here are 6 ways to build your case that the overall business will benefit if you get what your department wants:


1.Try to link your case for new HR software to one of the money-making departments, such as sales. Consider it like getting the teacher’s pet to ask for longer recess. If you can show even with a remote connection that the software you are considering will help one of the revenue producers simplify their paperwork and hence have more time to spend making money, your management will look at your project more forgivingly. It’s all about knowing your audience and what appeals to them. Emphasize and focus on those points that you know will appeal to them so you can make sure you get the attention of the people making the final decision.


2. Use comparisons with other organizations they admire. Most company presidents, as committed as they are to their own firms, have admiration for the ways some other players in their industry conduct their business. If you know that, you can determine that the firm they admire has the software you want to get, therefore you will often be able to secure approval when you least expect it.

Also, many decision makers want to be assured that their approval of HR software is a good one, assuring them others have taken the first step and are successful with it will reduce the risk in the eyes of the President or CEO.


3. Make a cost analysis of what could be saved with the new system. Calculate everything from hours of work spent on certain tasks that could be cut back dramatically with new technology. Show how long production of the payroll, compilation of schedules and other challenges could be done in less time, and thus money, if they support the new system.

If budget is a huge factor for your company, show different variations of your software that range in price and make a case as to why the specific software you chose is best for not only price but returns on investment as well.


4. Make a realistic outline and time line of the implementation of your project. Be enthusiastic but realistic. Avoid jargon, just state the straightforward facts. Incorporate into your plan whether the new software you want is compatible with certain components of the existing system.


5. Look at what will happen in both the short and long term if the software investment is not made now. Calculate an example or two. Can you claim that costs of doing one significant tasks in your department will fall by a certain percentage? This is the kind of argument that carries weight so ensure that you have enough numbers to back-up every argument you have.


6. Do all of these things and present your business case in as short a time span as possible and with as little reading material as you can. You can offer a file of background material to support what you are saying, but in the beginning, make it short and sweet. To the time-pressured manager, that will get you started on the right track from the start.


It’s not easy convincing your manager to spend money on an extra tool that they don’t necessarily see the need for. It’s even more difficult if you work for a traditional company that is slow to adopt to new technology, as the spokesperson for the software give a compelling argument that the purpose of new software is to stay as up-to-date as possible and to create a better experience for not only employees but for your customers as well.


For more information on how to make a case for new HR software, contact SkyPrep today!

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