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Employee happiness

6 Ways To Make Employees Happy

By Roz
Published on December 17, 2015

Employee turnover costs businesses huge sums of money every year. Constantly hiring and replacing employees is the blueprint for a poor business model. As such, keeping employees satisfied is essential in operating a successful business. But what exactly keeps employees happy?

Listed below are 6 keys to keeping employees happy.



This one’s easy, and should come as no surprise. Everybody wants respect, including you as an employer. Treat your employees with the same sense of respect that you demand from them.


Freedom and Flexibility. 

Obviously you need to keep an eye on the progress of your employees, but nobody likes it when their boss is breathing down their neck. Employees want flexibility when it comes to their schedule, as well as how they go about getting their tasks done. Trust them when they want to complete a job using different tools and technologies. If you can’t trust their decision making, you probably hired the wrong person to begin with.


Attention and Feedback. 

This one goes hand in hand with the last point. Freedom is great for employees, but a sense of guidance and feedback from their boss is always good. Acknowledge hard work and dedication when you see it. Finding that sweet spot between intrusive and apathetic with respect to your employees is key.


Educational Opportunities.

Your workers will appreciate you allowing them to develop their careers by furthering their education, whilst simultaneously working for you. Maybe it’s unreasonable to allow them to be full-time students, but apps like SkyPrep can give them the means to educate themselves online without disrupting their daily responsibilities at your company. You as an employer could use SkyPrep to educate your own employees by putting your content online, testing them, and tracking their progress. It shows you care as an employer.



The reality is, a lot of people are motivated by that paycheck. You need to make sure you’re compensating your employees fairly, especially if their work is outperforming their wage. But bonuses for an employee mean more than just the extra cash; it shows them their work is being appreciated and will keep them performing at a high level.


 Communication and Transparency.

You’re the boss, and at the end of the day you make the decisions for your company. But your staff wants to be informed about the happenings of the organization they’re working their tail off for. Having a boss who is approachable and open leads to a more comfortable work environment for everybody. You can’t disclose everything, but keep people in the loop so they don’t feel like they’re working blind, especially if they ask you directly.


Employees need to feel like they’re being treated as people. These six suggestions are all things you as an employer have complete control over, and will help you lead to a more successful business. Keep them in mind the next time you feel a member of your staff is discontent and ask yourself what employee needs you’re neglecting as their superior.

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