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How To Improve Your Leadership Training Programs

By Sep Barkhodaee
Published on August 22, 2014

Your company’s current leadership is what will propel the business to the next level – or hold it back. In the same vein, the people who replace your executives down the line will continue to make or break the success of the company. To ensure there’s nothing but growth and development as time goes on, you should dedicate resources to a leadership learning management system.


Nature or nurture?
There is a corporate rumor that has been going around for years – leaders are born, not made. According to Inc., that’s the wrong attitude to have when it comes to training the next generation of executives for your company. While a lot of the existing training software focuses on inspiring employees to find their leadership qualities as a form of empowerment, many industries call for cross-team cooperation and matrix management structures. Instead of honing in on leader-worthy personality traits, the training should strive to ingrain tangible skill sets that will bolster the business. Because of this, leadership training should be offered to a wide range of people, even if they don’t necessary exude charisma.

Additionally, leadership training shouldn’t be reserved for the most tenured staff, Harvard Business Review stated. The publication found that employees across an array of industries enter training at age 42, on average. In comparison, the average age of supervisors was 33 years old. Even if you don’t offer online training software to them, your supervisors and managers are already leaders. However, waiting several years before officially instilling leadership skills only allows bad habits to form and stick.


Training and Development


Necessary aspects and goals
When you’re upgrading your online training development software, you should keep a few objectives in mind. For example, candidates must learn and understand why it’s necessary to have strong leaders in a business, according to Inc. It can also be helpful for the current leaders to engage those in training as a way to foster personal growth in their staff.

With the addition of several characteristics, your leadership training can become top-notch, according to AllBusiness. The employees who are going through the training should learn how to look at challenges from different perspectives and the tactics necessary to persuade and influence people. These skills can boost the trainee’s self-confidence and foster the development of wisdom. If employees know that leadership isn’t just a natural ability but rather an acquired skill, they will be more empowered to absorb the skills. Additionally, the future leaders should have an introspective experience where they identify their own skills and the gaps that need to be filled before they are an exceptional leader.

AllBusiness suggested providing examples of mistakes that leaders have made in the past to show trainees what to avoid. Inc. echoed this sentiment by recommending the addition of case studies for concrete examples. Similarly, there should be plenty of industry-related vocabularies involved and sections to teach skills for executing business moves, dealing with corporate politics and methods for maintaining momentum in a thriving company. When the information is broken down, it is easier to create online courses that align with the business and company culture, Inc. reported.

When the course is completed, you shouldn’t assume that the trainees are now equipped with leadership skills. Instead, set up discussions and check-in meetings to find out how the knowledge they gained is being put to use. By building a culture of leaders with all of the potential executives, it’s easier to see how your vision can be carried on while inadvertently conducting team-building exercises.

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