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By arash, March 18, 2013

SkyPrep’s training platform allows you to create a course within a few minutes of just signings up!

There are three easy steps to creating your courses:


1. Go to the “material” manager.

(This is a repository of all the training material in your platform).

Here you can upload training material that you already have, such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF documents and videos.

You can organize this material in any way you see fit!


2. Go to your “Exam” manager. 

Create your quiz and categorize it the way you see fit!


3. Go to “Course” Manager.

Create a new course, and just drag and drop the materials and quizzes you want in your course.

Re-arrange the material to create your course and voila!


The beauty of SkyPrep is upload once, and use content anywhere.


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