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The Top 6 LMS Must-Have Features

By Alicia Beharry
Published on November 5, 2021

Streamlining how employee training is delivered is a significant component that contributes to a company’s success. A learning management system is an effective solution that can help learning and development (L&D) professionals successfully train their employees and increase employee engagement within the organization. We’ve made a checklist of the top LMS features to help guide you through your search. 

1. Data tracking

Your L&D department should have the ability to track an employee’s learning journey via data stored in your LMS. This data, housed under one roof, will help learning administrators and managers better understand how effective the courses are and how well employees are performing. This feature will also guide your L&D team to figure out what works best for your employees when designing their training programs, allowing them to create a more personalized eLearning experience. Determining where employees need support in building their skills or what areas they are excelling in will help speed along their training process. 

2. LMS integrations

An LMS that allows you to seamlessly integrate with the tools your company already uses is a critical feature for success. SkyPrep offers many integrations, including Stripe and PayPal, Zoom and much more.

3. Advanced reporting and analytics

In order to determine the success and effectiveness of your employee training program, your LMS should provide you with advanced reporting and analytics that directly align with your eLearning objectives. Visual and customizable spreadsheet reports of learner data will also help your L&D team easily stay on top of compliance and audits. Additionally it will weave out any particular pain points that need to be addressed. By quickly identifying patterns you will be able to adjust and tailor your employee training program, if necessary. 

4. Mobile-ready or remote workforce friendly

With the workforce rapidly changing and the rise in remote work increasing, in-person training may not be an option for many companies. Your ideal LMS should be mobile-ready and remotely accessible. Your employees should be able to access training materials and resources at all times. This feature will also give your organization the flexibility and power to train its talent, no matter what their geographic location may be. 

5. Enterprise-grade security 

Your LMS vendor should have data security protocols in place to ensure your organization’s sensitive information is always safe and protected. SkyPrep’s enterprise-grade security model ensures your information is safely stored and backed-up at all times. All of your data is stored on secure SSL-certified cloud infrastructure, and you have complete control over who can access your platform.

6. Gamification

SkyPrep LMS offers a feature that allows you to gamify your employees’ eLearning experience. This gamification feature enables you to incorporate game-based learning to your employee training programs. Gamification will bring excitement to your employees and transform your organization’s training courses to a fun-filled, engaging experience. Online training that has exciting elements such as badges, leaderboards and points will make up-skilling interactive and boost your employees motivation levels. 

SkyPrep can help you incorporate a training program that will resonate with your employees. To learn more about SkyPrep’s features, request a call and one of our product specialists will be with you shortly. 

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