Gamify Your Learning

SkyPrep’s Gamification Feature Boosts Learner Engagement and Retention

gamification for elearning

Ignite Healthy Competition Among Your Team

A bit of friendly competition doesn’t hurt. Highlight the top-performing learners and motivate your team to do their best.

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Push Your Team to the Next Level

Learners are awarded points for completing tasks and activities to encourage them to complete training. The number of points awarded can be customized by activity and task, giving admins more control over how users can earn points.

Award Badges

Showcase Your Team’s Effort By Rewarding Them

Rewards are a great way to encourage learners to complete their training. Use pre-built badges or create your own and award them based on the criteria you set.

award badges elearning gamification
Track Achievements
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Measure the Success of the Training

See if the training is making an impact by monitoring activities and achievements. A centralized dashboard lets you see the number of points and badges collected, the leaderboard rankings, and how points were awarded.

Improve your online training today with SkyPrep.

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