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Boosting Sales Enablement with an LMS – Taking Business to the New Heights

By Ehsan Memari
Published on August 27, 2018

A business relies on its sales to survive and thrive in the market. However, selling a product is not as easy as telling a customer about it. It is a long process that involves touching up on cold leads, converting them into hot leads, maintaining continuous communication, and closing the deal at the right time.

However, things are constantly changing for sales representatives. The ever-evolving technology has had a direct impact on how salespeople understand, interact, and convince their customers to make purchases. Due to these sales dynamics in today’s world, sales enablement has emerged as a vital concept.

Understanding Sales Enablement

Sales enablement aims to improve the productivity of the sales department at a company. To improve productivity, an organization has to do the following.

  • Provide various productivity improvement tools to the sales team


  • Give the sales team easy access to content that helps increase sales


  • Optimize the processes within the sales funnel to increase productivity


  • Train the sales team to make the best use of the modern tools

From reminders and smart to-do lists to email marketing, organizations now have many tools to enable more sales. Consequently, sales teams need ongoing training and robust training software.

An LMS Is the Best Tool for Sales Enablement

An LMS (learning management system) is the best tool to boost sales enablement. It is like a foundation for all the other sales enablement tools because it helps sales teams learn their course of action at any given moment. Here are some significant reasons why an LMS helps boost the enablement of sales in an organization.

  • Technology Is Always Changing


You need to have a tool that can help you train your sales teams on the changing technologies. Talk about email marketing, data collection methods, market segmentation, etc., and everything is changing with time. Your sales teams have to learn to use these systems to make the most of them.

A learning management system helps you design the ongoing training that your sales representatives need. It removes the need for pushing them to learn through the trial and error method. You can put your sales team on the right track from day one through effective training.

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  • Schedules Are Getting Tighter


The new software tools aim to make sales teams more productive. However, they add quite a few tasks to their schedules on a daily basis too. Sales optimization is not doing less to gain more. It is more about doing so much more at the same time as before. Take the example of customers’ points of contact. In the past, they contacted the company over the phone only.

However, sales reps have to respond to leads coming from phone calls, emails, website forms, live chats, etc. Today, training the teams in a room and consuming hours in doing so is more like a disruption. An online LMS allows your employees to learn at a time that pleases them.

  • Mobility Matters


Not all of the sales teams are sitting in air-conditioned rooms and answers phone calls and emails. A lot of the sales agents have to be out there in the field, meet their customers face to face, answer their questions, and generate business. On-premise training is not suitable for such sales teams.

On the other hand, an online training software is accessible on a smartphone or tablet from any location. If not during the job, a sales agent can learn the workings of a new sales enablement tool from the comfort of his/her home.

  • Visual Training Is Crucial

In the past, manuals and handouts were an integral part of the training. However, these books with huge blocks of text can never be as effective and comprehensive as visuals. An LMS allows you to use visuals to help you train your sales teams better.

Explain new concepts to them or tell them how some new system works. Show them statistics and a visual illustration of their progress to motivate them. With an LMS, you can use pictures, GIFs, videos, and any other format of information that helps you train better.

  • Motivation for Success

Last but not least, motivation is vital to a successful sales department. With an LMS, you can motivate your sales agents by making the atmosphere competitive. Award them certificates for completing specific courses and give them badges for their progress as a learner. Show reports of their improvement and discuss them to motivate the best performers.

Concluding Thoughts

An LMS is an intelligent way to approach training. It is also the most effective and practical way of training employees in a technology-driven and fast-paced world of today. When it comes to sales enablement, it should not be all about handing over the tools to your sales teams. What’s more important is training on how to use those tools to make the most of them. That’s where modern LMS makes the most sense.


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