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4 Ways AI Will Shape the Future of E-Learning

By Ehsan Memari
Published on January 29, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to influence our future and impact our growth in numerous ways. In the present age where everything is rapidly changing and evolving, we often overlook how much we have developed.

The world may not have witnessed floating automobiles yet, but we are close to some very exhilarating and intense advances across all industries. Being one of the primary drivers of progress, it is no wonder that knowledge and learning have been the center of technical developments.

Today, e-Learning is not a newfangled idea. In fact, its acceptance is snowballing, particularly as technology becomes more economical.

Over the past few years, the biggest obstacle for e-Learning has been the content development expenses.  It is estimated that developing an hour-long e-Learning content can consume between 49 to 125 hours. Contrarily, instructor led training takes around 22 to 82 hours for an hour of training, depending on the course content and complexity. Hence, it is evident how the expenses stack up in case of an e-Learning course.

Although e-Learning has more benefits in long term due to its scalability, it can hamper learning process in corporations that cannot meet the expense of the preliminary investments. Coming up with methods to reuse present content can alleviate the expenditure of content development, and current improvements in AI could be the magical solution that is required.

4 Ways AI will shape the e-learning game

Here’s how AI will change the landscape of e-Learning industry in the near future.

1. Real-time Questioning

Learners commonly use messaging as the most straightforward way to communicate. Whether they are doubtful about some course theories or have queries regarding the grading, they can easily upload their inquiries in real-time into the e-Learning platform.

Numerous e-Learning tools incorporate AI systems that process these queries and respond to them in real-time. Moreover, AI can also convey reasoning and counselling or offer clarification and guidance to scholars.

Furthermore, AI empowered e-Learning tools can help learners in fetching all the resources needed for their courses and assignments. This would help save time and efforts.

2. Gamification

Gamification is the next big thing when it comes to e-learning and AI plays a critical role in planning tactical games for e-learning material.

With the intention of appropriately and efficiently adding gamification to your e-learning program, the game features must be methodically designed and developed. Setting up a pertinent content in gaming model is extremely important for greater retention and course accomplishment. Around 80% learners would be more encouraged and fascinated with learning in a gaming setup.

3. Natural Language Processing

This is, by far, the most helpful contribution of AI to the e-learning industry. Learners can interact with an AI assistant embedded in various e-learning platforms that recognizes their spoken language.

AI enabled systems are proficient in hearing and understanding the language as complete sentences and their connotations while a learner talks to the e-learning platform. They can also comprehend diverse pronunciations, different languages, background sounds, variation in human sounds and more.

4. Fast paced and efficient Learning

The primary motive behind introducing e-learning technologies was to speed up the learning process without compromising on the quality of learning. However, with several logins, passwords and tools to manage, the e-learning industry experiences friction that restricts its effectiveness.

On the other hand, AI can save you from the hassle and put learning right into the workflow for advanced employees in fast paced businesses. Consequently, you can experience a smoother learning process for your employees which means they become capable of delivering a superior consumer experience, generate more sales, circumvent common blunders and dedicate more time to the tasks that increase value.

Final Words

The world is constantly changing and so are the e-learning trends and practices. While AI seems to be the silver bullet, it will take some time before taking over the entire e-learning industry.

However, there is a lot going on in the learning domain at present and four of the latest happenings are discussed in this article.

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