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The Importance of Using a Good Content Authoring Tool

By Alicia Beharry
Published on March 22, 2022

The right authoring tool heavily contributes to the overall success of your online training course. In order to produce top notch eLearning content, you will need the help of learning and development professionals and a good course authoring tool to facilitate the creation of the course. Whether your course is meant for employee onboarding, corporate training, adult upskilling or for students – the goal is to deliver engaging content and a format that will keep the enrollee motivated and wanting to learn. Let’s explore some of the benefits of utilizing a good course authoring tool.

3 Key Elements of a Good Content Authoring Tool

Seamless functionality

The authoring tool you use for your course creation should be simple to use. For instance, you should not need to know how to write in code for you to be able to finalize and upload your learning modules. All tools within your learning management system should be easy to use and any information or help provided should be clear. Your course authoring tool must have seamless functionality, for example the capability to combine the elements you require in order to create your desired content.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface

A good course authoring tool should be intuitive and offer all the necessary features you need for online course creation. The interface should also be designed in such a way that is user-friendly and effortless to navigate.

Adaptive content design

It is very important to have the ability to create content that is mobile-ready. In order for your online course to be accessed across all devices, your course authoring tool will need to allow you to create content that is adaptive or responsive. Adaptive meaning it will display the best text format and adapt to the width of the browser on the device being used. Responsive means the learning module will look appropriate no matter what device it is being run on.

Benefits of Content Authoring Tools

Creating an online course with a content authoring tool that possesses the key elements mentioned above will save you a lot of time and make your work easier. Some main benefits of using a good authoring tool while building your online course are:

1. Easy updates

Good course authoring tools give you the freedom of managing your online course content anywhere and anytime. For example, if you are creating employee training content, you can adapt it based on different training needs, or if you are creating an employee onboarding program, you can update it with new information as needed. 

2. Time saving and cost efficient

When all the elements you need to create your eLearning experience are all in one place, everything is bound to go faster. You won’t spend any extra time looking elsewhere for the tools you need. With the right course authoring tool, you will not need many people to create an online course or module, thus your costs will be lower.

3. Ability to utilize existing content

A modern course authoring tool allows you to utilize past online learning materials. You will be able to incorporate whatever pieces of past courses, presentations, visuals etc that you feel will be useful in the new online course you are creating. The ability to do this makes everything a little more simplified and faster.

4. Adaptable on a variety of devices and platforms

An advantage of a good course authoring tool is that your content can be delivered on different platforms. Your learners will want to have easy access to their eLearning content at any time that is best for them, and from anywhere. Your course authoring tool will allow your content to be adapted and displayed on all devices.

A good course authoring tool will help facilitate the entire course creation process and help you achieve a better finished product. To learn more about how a course authoring tool can help provide seamless creation for your online training, request a call and one of our product specialists will assist you shortly.

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