5 Ways to Add Excitement to Your Online Learning Offerings

By Roz, September 26, 2016
adding excitement to online learning

Employees who learn together can bond in creative environments and the result is an increased level of innovation in your company.


Even though you may have transferred your learning options from traditional seminars with scheduled trainers to online programs, there are still ways you can build collaborations between online learners.


Here are 5 ways to foster your company’s culture of learning together even when you are using online approaches that are essentially set up to encourage employees to study on their own.

1. Set up ways for employees taking the same course modules to work together on presentations. In some instances, this can work by asking them to tackle an issue foreign to both of them and come up with innovative solutions. In other cases, set up a situation where the two team members tackle a problem from the perspectives of each of their different departments (for example, sales and customer service).


2. Create opportunities for employees who are studying on their own to get together as a group to discuss what they are learning. Order lunch and let three or four people working on the same module have a chance to share strategies and talk about good parts and difficult parts of their learning. Give them the environment to bolster each other and allow for informal social learning to take place.


3. Incorporate gamification into your online learning programs. It’s fine to say that there is a reward to accumulating knowledge, but it is a lot more fun when you can add an element of computer gaming into it so employees can have friendly competitions with each other and earn rewards.


4. Diversify  the variety of ways you deliver your online learning. Not every employee responds to lines of text. Others learn much faster through videos or even interactive options. Don’t forget the benefits of offering podcasts, simulations and scenarios to enliven your material and appeal to a broader range of learners.


5.Set the example of a learning culture from the top down. In your corporate newsletter talk about courses your managers and CEO have recently taken and what they found fascinating about them. Set up a learning center in your building where employees who cannot find a quiet place at home can work before the start of their workday or afterwards on their online learning program. Make sure there’s a coffee machine and a few free snacks. It will be well worth your investment.


Making sure your employees are interested and excited about your online learning is extremely crucial in the success of it. If you just spend money creating online learning modules but none of your employees engage with it, then it will be useless.


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