Encouraging Employees to be more Productive

By Sep Barkhodaee, March 18, 2015
encouraging employee productivity

Productivity is something every boss dreams of. However getting your employees to produce quality work day-in and day-out can be somewhat of a challenge.


It’s an unfortunate fact of most companies, but people can become bored with their jobs and dream of moving on to greener pastures when they don’t feel challenged. Luckily there are ways for you to encourage your employees to be more productive and make them feel like they’re an important part of your team.

Here are four ways to encourage employees to remain productive, whether they’re on their first week or their 10th year on the job:


  • Be open-minded
    When an employee approaches you with a query or idea, hear them out. You don’t have to put up a suggestion box outside your office door, but letting your employees know that you’re open to discussing whatever they want will help them be more productive.You can even schedule group brainstorming sessions to let every member of your team know that their ideas are important. This opens communication and shows your employees that you value their input.


  • Avoid micromanaging
    Leering over your personnel’s desk while they try and get work done is demoralizing. Nobody feels at ease when their boss appears to be spying on them.Let your employees work in peace. They’ll be at their most productive when you trust them to get their job done.


  • Promote from within
    Don’t lose employee engagement by hiring outside staff. If there’s a new position opening up, let your employees know that they’re all candidates.People will work harder knowing that there’s a possibility of advancement from the inside. For those employees you don’t pick for the position, remind them that they’re still strong contenders and that you’re very proud of the work they do.


  • Support break-time
    Make sure your employees know that they don’t have to sit at their desks for nine straight hours, robotically typing and staring at their screens. People are more productive when they leave their desks to eat, take a walk, get a coffee- basically anything that gets them out of their cubicles and into fresh air.During the winter months this may be challenging, so offering your employees a place to congregate on their breaks will help, even if it means letting them hangout by the coffee machine for a few extra minutes each day.


The most important way to encourage productivity in the workplace is this: Tell your staff how well they’re doing! Offering little words of encouragement can go a very long way. Do not be disingenuous with your praise, but when an employee does a great job, be sure to let them know.

Employers now are also implementing learning management systems in order to increase the productivity of their employees.

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