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SkyPrep Features Release

By Bobby
Published on May 19, 2014

We are proud to mention that we have released a series of new features with our recent update:

Employee Promotion


Messaging Platform:

You can use SkyPrep to message any learner in your platform. You can message individual learners, all group members, and learners in a course.


Course Sharing Module:

You can share any course you have in SkyPrep to any other SkyPrep platform. Franchises can push training to all sub-platforms. Companies can also license their courses to any other company using the SkyPrep platform.


Custom Email Templates:

Customize the welcome email your learners receive with your companies branding and company message. Also, customize the various notification emails your customers receive when they pass/fail a course, pass/fail a test or get added into a new group.

You may also customize the email from which the automated emails are sent from. e.g. FROM: [email protected]



Brand your portal with your exact company colors.


SCORM Packages

Upload SCORM 1.2 packages in the SkyPrep platform.


Course Library

Make courses available from a course catalogue where your learners can pick-and choose from. You can make a course available for self-enrollment or  in preview mode, where they can request access from the course instructor.


Instructor-Led Sessions

Add instructor-led training sessions into your SkyPrep courses. Mark learners as ‘Present’ or ‘Absent’ to give them credit for having attended the session.


Resource Center

Add documents to a public resource center that learners can reference at any time.


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