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5 Factors that Influence the Effectiveness of E-Learning

By Roz
Published on December 20, 2013

Despite the relatively recent arrival of e-learning and online training software on the training scene, there is a growing body of scientific evidence that reveals the individual and social factors behind its success or failure. Scientists have identified five key factors:


1 – The confidence of the individual

People learn best when they believe they are capable of learning. Not only that, but they also need to believe they can learn in the way something is taught. This is a major factor in e-learning’s effectiveness. If individuals feel comfortable with Learning Management Systems (LMS) and navigating an online in environment, chances are they will more easily master an e-learning interface.


2 – Prior knowledge of E-Learning

Knowing what E-learning is and how it works goes a long way to helping users feel comfortable learning in an online environment. Learners who understand how e-learning works and what its for are more likely to be operate the LMS successfully and move through content with more efficacy.


3 – The presence or involvement of a teacher trainer

Students are far more successful in e-learning environments when they have access to an instructor. This interaction doesn’t need to be facilitated in person. It can be through online environments in the form of interactive forums or real-time chats.



4 – CommunicationEffective eLearning

It goes without saying that online learners, like those learning in person, need a chance to communicate with their classmates. Online forums and scheduled chats offer a great opportunity to keep students talking and keep them engaged with the course and one another.


5 – Receptiveness to new technologies

E-learning is most effective in organizations with a solid track-record of being receptive to new technology. Employees at all levels can also impact the effectiveness of e-learning through their own receptiveness to technology. Be sure to pay attention to the comfort of your workforce with technology before introducing online learning.

How your organization and its employees do in these five areas will likely have a major impact on how effective your overalle-learning strategy ends up being in the end.

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