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learning as we age

How Learning Changes as We Age

By Alicia Beharry
Published on June 17, 2021

Being young has many advantages-energy, health, flexibility, stamina, and being able to process and take action quickly, are just a few. Some companies may specifically scout younger employees, but there are many advantages of hiring older employees. Wisdom, a broader perspective, life experience, and the tendency to process information without rushing are common qualities the older population possesses. 

Incorporating generational diversity into your workforce is the right decision. However, the more education you have on how learning changes as we age will help contribute to a successful online training program for your entire workforce.

Brain changes

Just like our physical body, our brain also changes as we age. 

  • Blood flow in the brain can decrease, resulting in less oxygen.
  • Parts of the brain shrink with age
  • The formation of new neurons declines as we get older.
  • Communication between particular brain regions may become a bit slower.

These are some facts to keep in mind. But do not be dismayed, the aging brain is not a lost cause. After all, scientists are learning every day how adopting a healthy lifestyle can delay or minimize the negative consequences of these changes.

Memory changes

Yes, an older brain’s memory may be less flexible, but it still has the capability to learn. Adults of the older population can acquire new skills as long as they are willing to learn. A user-friendly online training platform can help fill any gaps. Diminish any ideas that an older workforce is not capable of learning and developing. Older adults are becoming more tech-savvy, possibly more than we give them credit for. 

Thinking changes

As the brain is aging, we may require extra processing time. Our cognitive function may become a bit slower and our decision-making may take a bit longer. Initially, this may seem negative, but should actually be considered a positive change. While certain things may take a little longer to process, the results of the extra time taken will have factored in knowledge and experience that has accumulated over many years.

Online training for an age-diverse team may take a bit more creativity and ingenuity, but the rewards are invaluable. SkyPrep can help you utilize the right online training methods to engage the modern workforce. To learn more, request a call and a specialist will be with you shortly.

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