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Why Enterprises Are Adopting On-Demand Learning Model So Quickly

By Ehsan Memari
Published on September 12, 2018

Technology has been revolutionary in the past three decades. Today, large companies and even the individuals sitting at home are benefitting from various technologies. When it comes to industrial applications, technology has changed many processes. Many of the conventions of the past have gone away, and that’s evident from how employees like to receive training today. The type of learning that makes the most sense to them is on-demand learning.

What Is On-demand Learning?

As the name suggests, on-demand learning is when a person can learn when he/she demands to learn. In simple terms, you can’t push the training on them at times when they don’t want to receive it. Instead, they want the training material, knowledge, and instructional documents to be available to them at all times. As soon as the need arises, they should be able to access the type of content they want to. In a way, this approach revolves around the fact that today’s learners know what matters to them and so they should have the liberty to decide the type and time of their training.

Why Enterprises Are Adopting On-demand Learning

Here are some of the major reasons why enterprises are quick to adopt the new method of learning.

  • Convenience for Employees and Managers

On-demand learning is a huge convenience for employees as well as managers. For employees, they can choose to learn things at their own pace and at a time that pleases them. On the other hand, managers don’t have to see an entire department sitting in the training room while some important process of the operations is at a halt. In fact, the management can even do away with the responsibility of reminding the employees about compliance, safety, and other regulations because employees have access to everything at any time.

  • Freedom for Learners

Employees deliver great work when they are happy. When it comes to instructor-led training, they have to look at things from the trainer’s perspective. That’s not always pleasing for every employee. On the other hand, when it comes to on-demand learning, employees can learn things their way.

  • Long-lasting Knowledge

Take the example of how so many people try to learn vocabulary. When you read words and their meaning, you forget them after a few months. That’s because you never got the chance of using those words. In a similar way, when you train your employees in a training room and all at once, you can expect them to forget a lot of it after a few months. The reason why they will forget it is that in-class training tries to teach everything within a timeline. However, when employees don’t get to apply half of it in their practical work, they tend to forget things.

On the other hand, on-demand training means they learn something when they are in dire need of learning it. It is a need that pushes them to learn something. Once they have learned something this way, it is unlikely that they will forget it.

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  • Uniformity

Again, on-demand learning is only possible when you give access to it from anywhere and at any time. Doing this ensures your employees have the access to the same training materials, answers, and solutions when they need them. If you are an organization with your footprint in multiple cities or countries, such training will bring uniformity for you. Rather than a different trainer training at every location, you will have people learning from the same source regardless of their location. In simple words, everyone working at your company will be on the same page.

  • Quick and Efficient

On-demand learning is quick. That’s because you don’t have to wait for everyone to be present in the same classroom to learn the same thing. You don’t want to postpone your training sessions for a couple of people missing. However, if you do continue with the training, you have two untrained people. Trying to get everyone on the same page can delay your training.

Conversely, letting your employees learn things at their pace speeds up the process. They can learn when they want. Furthermore, it will save you the costs of training sessions, office space, air-conditioning, and other components needed for classroom training.


On-demand training is the future of training in enterprises. Take the example of on-demand videos. People don’t want to watch controlled TV programming anymore. They want the control in their hands. Therefore, they will subscribe for certain services for a certain duration to watch whatever they want whenever they want.

Now, your journey of introducing on-demand training starts with picking the right training software, such as the SkyPrep LMS. It fulfills the modern learning requirements, offers robust online learning features, and even brings in blended learning so you can make the most of your training solution.

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