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5 Ways to Make Your Employees Love Their Compliance Training

By Ehsan Memari
Published on August 3, 2018

Compliance training is mandatory in any company because every worker must know what policies and regulations apply to their work. Whether the training is on universal regulations, work-related codes or something else, online compliance training can be boring. The use of old instructor-led training adds salt to the injury because it makes the whole process even more boring.

The result of such boring training is that your employees can’t focus on the instructions. They return to their positions scratching their heads about what you just told them. However, you know you can’t take compliance non-seriously because your business’ survival relies on it.

For that reason, it is crucial that you incorporate the many ways to make your compliance training fun for your employees. Here is how you can do it.

5 Ways to Make Compliance Training Fun for Employees

1. Divide It into Parts

The first thing you want to do is to divide the training into small parts. In many companies, the trainers would try to cover as much as possible in one attempt. The motive behind such haste is time-saving.

Instructors believe they can save a lot of time by training everyone on everything in one class. What they don’t realize is that covering too much material in one session is counterproductive. Your employees will remember only a fraction of what you teach them. That can be dangerous for your company as your workers won’t know what rules and regulations they have to follow.

You will be equally responsible for any compliance issues from them – as much as they are. Breaking your training material into small parts helps everyone understand the instructions quickly. The quick and short sessions are over before your employees start losing interest.

2. Make Them Feel Relevant

You want your employees to feel relevant to what you are teaching them. As long as they can relate to the training, they will not lose interest. One way of doing is to conduct sessions with workers from the same category and not showing them information that’s meant to be for workers from a different department. If you are using the right training system, you should have a role filter to achieve this goal.

Furthermore, give examples from real life incidents. Give examples of people from their fields and professions. Try to come up with real examples rather than making things up only for the sake of explanation.

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3. Train Them When They Are Comfortable

One of the conveniences that technology has brought about with it is putting an end to schedule limitations. In conventional training environments, you had to match the timings of the employees and the instructor. You also had to ensure that all the employees were present at the time of training. However, e-learning has put an end to these limitations. Today, you can train people at times when they are most comfortable.

You should do the same when it comes to compliance training. That’s when online compliance training comes in. Your training instructions are available to them on their mobile devices wherever they are. Using certain softwares and applications, you can allow them to reach the training material whenever they want through a portal.

4. Throw in Visuals

A human brain is quite a machine when it comes to storing visual information. It can retain visual information for much longer than it does text-only or audible information. Furthermore, people remember visuals more than any other type of information. Do not throw blocks over blocks of text-only instructions to your employees. That’s the perfect recipe for making them get fed up with the training quickly.

Use modern software tools to add visuals to your training. While pictures can be a great addition, there is nothing better than videos when it comes to explaining things.

5. Switch to an LMS

The best way to achieve everything mentioned above is to go with a learning management system. An LMS redefines and enhances the effectiveness of your online compliance training. Take the example of Skyprep LMS that allows you to create courses, monitor the performances of your employees, automate a lot of the processes, and award certificates to those who complete the training successfully.

An LMS gives your employees control of their training. They can use an online portal to access the training material wherever they want and whenever they want. You can create reports to see who is learning fast. You can add new and updated information instantly and update it for everyone. Adding in visuals in the form of pictures, GIFs, and videos is not a problem at all. In short, an LMS is the best solution to fun and interesting online compliance training.

Concluding Thoughts

More and more companies have started to incorporate LMS into their training. They understand that making compliance training fun is part of a bigger purpose i.e. employee experience. Moreover, they realize the many benefits that today’s LMS offer over the conventional instructor-led training. In fact, Skyprep LMS has included instructor-led training as one of its software’s features. This way, you can get the best of both worlds.  

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