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5 Must-Have Features of LMS for an App Development Company

By Ehsan Memari
Published on June 12, 2018


Knowledge is power. Everyone knows this to be true, but the popular phrase is especially fitting for mobile app developers and software companies. In order to keep up with every new technology and trend in the mobile world, app developers need to be willing to learn at all times, and the learning process should be constant and long-lasting. After all, if there’s a world that keeps changing and evolving, that is precisely the tech world.


Why Is Constant Learning so Important for Mobile App Developers?


A mobile app developer should always be ready to answer any questions regarding app development or the right choice of technology/framework proposed for an app solution. In addition, when facing issues, the developer’s experience and knowledge should help come up with solutions that don’t hinder the development process and keep things smooth and easy.


Besides that, when being considered for a project, your programming languages skills will give you an edge over the other candidates. Experience is a must, but you can also dazzle prospective clients with your knowledge in latest technologies. Because who would know more about development trends than a developer himself?


How Can Mobile App Developers Keep up with Everything That’s Going On?


It’s no secret that the mobile app development world is evolving every day, with new trends and programming languages appearing every few months. Some programmers feel overwhelmed by all the inputs happening around them, and that is why Learning Management System might be a great tool to keep the learning process simple.


LMS (Learning Management Systems) are software platforms that allow users to administrate and take courses that they can select from an online catalog, everything under a manager’s supervision. LMS is a great tool for mobile app development companies, and an efficient way to make sure that all employees are up to date with every technique or skill set they should already know.


The CTO of a mobile app development company could easily become the LMS manager and provide their team with the resources, lessons, tests, and material that they feel is essential for them to know. The CTO can evaluate each app developer individually and prepare an educational planning with objectives, methodologies, and deadlines agreed by the two parties.


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What Should an LMS Addressed to Mobile App Development Companies Include?


  • Testing: Being a mobile app developer requires some theoretical learning, but most of what mobile app developers need to learn is essentially practical. The Learning Management System should be adapted to this particular characteristic and should feature a coding space where programmers could practice what they’ve learned.


  • Resource Library: Every employee with a learning plan should have access to a library of resources where they could find learning material in any available format. This library should be updated frequently.


  • Reports: Employees want to feel like the efforts they’re making are actually paying off and they’re learning and making progress. An LMS for mobile app development companies should be able to provide reports about the user’s earning progress, test scores and study hours.


  • Discussions: A great LMS should allow mobile developers to share their experiences and ask any doubts or questions they have while taking the lessons or doing any of the required exercises. The manager should be ready to offer assistance and become active on the platform, and other employees should be encouraged to take part in the discussions as well.


  • Certifications: Everyone loves to be rewarded for their achievements. When an employee successfully finished a course on a new technology or development skill, they should be granted certifications that prove they’ve completed said course and are ready to move forward and begin a new learning stage.

These are the main features that a Learning Management System should include if it wants to become a useful asset for mobile app development companies and its employees. LMS is a great solution for keeping developers aware of every new announcement in the mobile world as well as an efficient way of increasing engagement and a company’s added value. You can read more about ways to engage your employees with your LMS, and add them into your e-learning programs.



Ana is the content manager at AppFutura. AppFutura is a community for app development companies where they can meet people and businesses that are looking to develop an app project.



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