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Are You Ready to Embrace Cloud eLearning Solutions?

By Bobby
Published on May 31, 2016

Cloud eLearning solutions, viewed skeptically by many companies in their original phase, are now growing rapidly in favor.

When accessed from an external infrastructure, they are inexpensive to operate and virtually hassle-free with IT support services often included. All you have to do is run the applications and enjoy the services.

The other option is to use an internal cloud which means you will have to use your own servers and software to meet the requirements of cloud computing.

Either way your employees, regardless of where they are located around the globe, have 24/7 access to learning modules. They can learn on their time, at their pace.

While you may want to customize some of your training materials, general soft skills training in areas like sales, giving presentations, managing conflict, handling stress, is all available at the touch of a button.

The core of Cloud solutions charm is its incredible flexibility, ease of implementation and cost effectiveness.

Should your Human Resources Department push your firm to go in the cloud?

It makes a lot of sense if your training materials need to be changed and updated frequently and you need a flexible and reasonably-priced delivery system. It enables you to move quickly in rapidly changing business environments and ensure that your staff has consistent training.

As opposed to making a major up-front investment, you can opt for pay as you go models to better balance your budget.

You can also set it up so staff can access material from a number of different platforms, up to and including their own homes and mobile devices.

What is the downside? The thing to be most careful about is ensuring that you are satisfied with your vendor. Most contracts cover a fairly lengthy time period and you do not want to discover that you are incompatible only a few months into the contract.

The elephant in the room in any discussion about cloud technology will be the question of security concerns. There’s no question that security needs to be managed with Cloud solutions, but as does it with any computing strategy. Most providers offer comprehensive Service Level Agreements that feature enhanced security features and methods of protecting confidential information.

The choice is yours regarding which solution is best for your company. If you want to improve workforce skills and productivity, reduce risk and ensure compliance, and extend learning to external audiences, Latest eLearning Trendscloud eLearning might be the solution for you.

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