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Mobile Apps the New Face of Communication?

By Bobby
Published on November 24, 2015

A face-to-face meeting has turned into an email correspondence, meeting someone at the bar has turned into a left or right swipe of a profile, spending nights researching in a library has turned into unlimited access to real-time information at a moment’s notice. In and out of the workplace environment, mobile technology is used for information, communication, and convenience. With the majority of the North American population owning a smart phone, companies are also taking the initiative to spend their time communicating with customers on a mobile platform. But how exactly have mobile apps changed the way individuals communicate?

     1.  Simplifying your everyday life. 

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, individuals can receive information quickly and easily, reducing the amount of time spent gathering information. This allows individuals to spend less time planning and finding the most effective method of communication and instead, lets them simply rely on mobile devices. Finding the quickest route to a store, discovering great restaurants close to your location, and letting you more easily communicate with your friends and family are all ways mobile apps have made our lives easier.

     2.   Social interactions. 

Having a long distance relationship now may not be as hard as it once was 15 years ago. With Skype, Facetime, Snapchat, and other apps, you can feel as though you are with a person who is actually hundreds of miles away. Social media lets you catch up with your friends and know what they’re up-to without contacting them, but by simply seeing the pictures they upload on their profiles. Mobile apps have gained popularity in social interactions since accessibility is becoming more and more desired. Getting up and hopping on the computer is considerably harder than using your phone while you’re sitting on your couch.

      3.   Sharing.

With mobile apps, everything can be instantly shared. You see a funny video and you quickly send it to your friends. You hear a song on the radio and you can use an app to find out what the song is. Easy sharing has resulted in millions of people across the world feeling closer, even though they may have never met in person. Share a personal experience on a social platform and people from all around the world can live that experience as well.

      4.   Mobile learning. 

Going to class, commuting to work, and even calling a specialist, can be replaced with mobile applications. Classroom slides are posted online, school assignments are now submitted via email instead of in person, working from home is now a viable option, and a problem that needs to be fixed can be solved by doing a quick Google search. It is inevitable that mobile learning will be the new form of gaining insight, although it will not completely replace traditional methods… yet.

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