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Major Management Mistakes That Drive Staff Away

By Roz
Published on May 21, 2014

Everyone makes mistakes – but there are a few that new or inexperienced managers can make that could cost them staff members. While it goes without saying that overloading employees with an unrealistic amount of work or failing to recognize their achievements could drive them away, there are also less obvious behaviors that could be detrimental.

For any business, it’s beneficial to minimize employee churn. If managers can avoid these mistakes, they can help to boost retention rates, thus securing the company’s growth and success.


There can be too much of a good thing, and that includes attention. While managers may think they’re being helpful by overlooking every detail of their staff member’s work, this can translate to distrust in their work quality, which can frustrate or discourage them as well as hinder their motivation. HR Morning noted that different employees should be managed in diverse ways, and while some may need a lot of direction, top performers typically want more freedom. Overly frequent check-ins could suggest that you’re doubting their capabilities, so instead, it’s best to let those workers know that you’re available without always looking over their shoulder.


Neglecting career development
If managers don’t demonstrate that they care about their employees’ futures, they’re likely to head elsewhere. Ian McAllister, a longtime manager at Amazon, explained in a post on Quora that especially for high performers, it’s important to know that there’s room for growth within the organization. That’s why he recommended conducting regular meetings with all staff members, regardless of their level or potential, to talk about their development. Additionally, he noted that it’s crucial to build a certain levels of trust with workers so that they’re more likely to share their aspirations. Once managers have a better idea of a staff member’s goals and interests, they can create online courses to supplement their professional goals, or leverage online training courses to hone their skills, thus making them more valuable to the company.


Acting too superior
Managers need to be accessible and approachable. The Association for Talent Development explained that issuing orders or delegating tasks and simply expecting employees to get them done is not an effective method. The organization advised against taking advantage of authority, as it’s important to earn staff members’ respect so that they want to keep working for you. Inspiring them to perform well means recognizing your own weaknesses while getting involved in projects so that you don’t give the impression you’re far above the team.

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