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3 Things to Consider when Scheduling Online Courses

By Sep Barkhodaee
Published on January 10, 2014

 When we think about the many ways we can build effective and interesting e-learning opportunities, scheduling rarely comes to mind. That’s usually because when you’re building your online courses in your web-based training software, you’re purely focused on the content of the course. However, when e-learning happens and how its scheduled or partitioned makes a significant difference in learner outcomes. Follow these three tips to help your e-learning schedule help you.



1) Schedule E-learning Sessions in the Morning and Early in the Week If you have ever tried to teach a new skill at 3pm on a Friday afternoon, you know that when training happens is incredibly important. Employees are at their most alert and most invested in learning new information in the morning at mid-week or before. This is challenging, given the many other commitments that require employees attention. It requires a strong human resources professional to insist on the value of training. Timing is a challenge, but timing your training sessions appropriately will help improve the attentiveness of learners and learning outcomes.


2) Break up the Learning into Smaller Chunks Breaking learning down into smaller bits assists learners retain more and also keeps the course content fresh. It also allows the instructional designer to build in additional variety into the e-learning modules in terms of style and content. This allows employees with diverse interests to explore multiple avenues. It also equips trainers to make a stronger case with management that training can fit into the regular workday seamlessly and without disruption.

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3) Make it a regular part of the workweek Training is often relegated to special occasions like yearly retreats, annual meetings, or special initiatives. There is no reason that training needs to be an occasional activity. Build a culture of lifelong learning by working training into your employees regular routine at work. The first two tips will help make this happen easily. It also means encouraging a culture of learning beyond the office. Companies increasingly pay for gym memberships. Why not also pay for discounts on other forms of learning to encourage employees to expand their horizons.


These three tips can help ensure that your fabulous new online course isn’t dragged down by bad timing and outside distractions. It makes sure that your employees are invested and engaged. It helps ensure that timing is ultimately on your side, and in the end, that the learners are too.

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