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NEW FEATURES: Duplicate Courses, Enhanced Video Player' By admin, September 16, 2012

Quick update – we’ve just pushed out a few new features to our app that’ll make your life a bit easier. Details follow.


Duplicate a Course

You’re now equipped to make a duplicate of any course in your system.

Let’s say you’ve created “Course 1A” and you’ve assigned it to “Group A”. You want to assign that same course to “Group B” but with some minor changes. Just duplicate “Course 1A” from the course settings, edit the duplicate course any way you want and then assign the duplicate to “Group B”. Easy as pie – no need to remake a whole course from scratch just to make a couple of changes to an existing course.


Enhanced Video Player

Our video player has been totally revamped! Uploads are now much faster, and our video player is web-friendly.

NOTE: Those of you who uploaded videos BEFORE this update can re-upload your videos to take advantage of our new player (otherwise your videos will be using our old solution).


Non-Downloadable Learning Material

When you upload material in the Material Manager, you can now select whether you want your users to be able to download that material or not. If you don’t allow users to download, the document can only be viewed online.



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