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6 Benefits of Employee Development

By Alicia Beharry
Published on August 5, 2020

Companies that thrive choose the right employees. They are driven professionals, problem-solvers, and display a growth mentality. These companies heavily invest in their team and select technology that aids in their development. Within your organization, the advantages of focusing on employee development include:

Adding new skills to their portfolio

By gaining new knowledge, employees can increase their efficiency and capabilities at work. They can also perform different functions in the workplace and become multifaceted. The ability to wear multiple hats makes them invaluable. Your employees will be resourceful on jobs outside the area of their specialization. Overall they can do a better job and their opportunities will be exponential!

Stimulating their minds

When we learn a new skill we rewire our brain. There is “white matter” in our brain called myelin. It enables nerve cells to transmit material faster. It permits for more challenging and complex brain processes. The more pathways we form in our brain, the faster we are able to process information.

This makes us better problem-solvers. Just like any muscle in your body, the more you engage it, the stronger it becomes. This way we can absorb information much faster and greater. For example, studies have shown individuals that don’t exercise their divergent sectors of the brain are more prone to memory loss or even severe cases such as Alzheimer’s. All in all, stimulating your mind keeps your neural pathways active which leads to overall healthier life and more productivity at work. 

Breaking a mundane routine

Sometimes humans are stuck in a repetitive cycle. Once something becomes routine there is a possibility that the passion dies, and the quality of work suffers. By learning something new, your employees can break current habits and become excited again. People can be stuck in a role, and become too scared to try anything else. This is why it is important for employees to continuously learn so they don’t get stuck in a tedious pattern. 

As Warren Buffet Says:

Chains of Habit Are Too Light to Be Felt Until They Are Too Heavy to Be Broken

Building confidence

Adult learning has a positive impact on self-esteem and confidence. Confidence allows us to communicate in an effective and concise manner. When information is conveyed in a confident manner to co-workers and clients, your business will be more efficient. With confidence there is clarity. Building confidence allows people to speak up and take on new tasks and responsibilities  This can be pivotal for career advancement. With a confident workforce and team, your business will thrive!

Gaining perspective 

Learning allows us to gain new perspectives. It is also a key leadership skill. Having perspective enables us to better understand situations that happened in the past, and may help with upcoming decisions we may face. The pinnacle of this skill is hearing other’s point of view and uncovering blind spots or new ideas to consider. It can also make your employees more relatable to clients. By mastering various perspectives, they will gain a copious knowledge-based outlook.

Opening new doors

As employees gain more skill sets they become invaluable & irreplaceable. In addition the more skills your employees gain, they will be recognized and potentially move up to leadership roles. 
In the workplace, many companies use an online training software where courses are available for employees to build their skillset. 

Try SkyPrep to elevate your employees and take them to the next level!

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