SkyPrep Adds Gamification to Its Feature List

By Ehsan Memari, July 10, 2020

SkyPrep has released their new gamification feature, enabling organizations to add game-based learning to their training. The feature brings courses to life with exciting elements such as leaderboards, badges, and points to make training more interactive and enjoyable.

Gamification is being used more and more because of the great benefits it provides. By adding it to your training program, you can expect to see an increase in engagement rates, completions, and scores.

With SkyPrep, you can incorporate gamification into your learning process to create a training program that will resonate with your audience.


Leaderboards provide you with a snapshot of training performance in a dashboard view. They are also a great way to ignite friendly competition by highlighting top-performing users.

Total points earned, total badges awarded, total courses completed, and total training hours can be viewed here. You can also see the top ten learners based on points accumulated. You can then filter results based on a specific group and/or timeframe. 


leaderboard for LMS gamification
Gamify Your Learning

Award Badges

Motivate your team by rewarding them with badges for their achievements. Badges are an effective way to encourage learners to efficiently complete their training 

You can set the number of points required for learners to earn different badges.  There are pre-loaded badges to choose from or you can upload your own to match your brand, identity, or training needs. 

award badges LMS gamification


Learners earn points for completing activities and reaching milestones, driving course completions and higher scores. You can set the number of points a learner earns after completing an activity like passing a course or an assessment. You will be able to motivate your team and push them closer to their learning goals. 

SkyPrep Gamification Points System

Track Achievements

Monitor achievements and learner progress all in one location. See the number of points earned, badges collected, leaderboard rankings, and how points were distributed.  Overall, you will be able to see how learners are performing and if there are any who are falling behind the pack. 

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