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5 Ways to Engage Non-Technical Employees with Your E-Learning Program

By Ehsan Memari
Published on December 13, 2018


Implementing a new e-Learning program in your company can be tricky. You not only have to manage the time and resources for appropriate staff training, but you also need to ensure that everybody gets familiar with it too. Your workers might complain about having to take time away from their work schedule in order to learn a new tool. In particular, your non-technical staff might be simply not motivated to focus on e-Learning and might even feel irritated if they have problems using it. That’s why you should plan in advance for a smooth shift and implementation process.

Here are few smart ways to motivate your non-technical employees adapt to your Learning Management System (LMS):

1. Incentivize the use of the e-Learning tool


Motivate your employees to engage with your LMS by fastening training to work requirements. For instance, tie new skills acquisition to a promotion or even a salary increment. By rewarding workers with an increase for every new expertise, you’ll be able to retain talent and link the training to particular corporate outcomes which will equate to investing in your company’s success. You can also offer customized certificates upon course completion that will encourage your employees to focus on their learning.


2. Personalize the training


If your non-technical employees, particularly millennials, are accessing similar content at the same time, you can avail this opportunity to make training and learning a personalized task. According to a recent survey, around 58 percent of millennial workers prefer micro-learning as a part of their on-the-job learning.


To incorporate micro-learning into your LMS, ensure that you divide the e-Learning content into bite-sized chunks and allow your workers to discuss the content on discussion boards and online networks. Also, provide ample training opportunities to your non-technical staff so that they understand how to use the LMS. These opportunities can include on-site trainings, video tutorials or well-documented guides.


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3. Gamify Your e-Learning Sessions


Your non-technical employees may not be much into technology but they’d definitely be interested in gaming.  This can give you an excellent reason to combine work and games. Make work fun for your employees by incorporating gamification features into your e-Learning programs that can transform dull sessions and training courses into interesting competitions that offer real-time perks.


A survey revealed that around 35 percent of employees consider real-life rewards linked to their training performance as the best gamification reward for using their company’s LMS.

4. Take Advantage of Social Learning


Majority of the employees today are all over the social networks because of their penchant for social activity and communication. You’d be surprised to know that nearly 88% of the employees emphasize more on connecting rather than competing. Social learning allows them to collaborate and connect with their colleagues, use information sharing tools effectively, and share mutual interests and goals.


You can incorporate social learning tools in your LMS for effective communication, to adapt to diverse learning styles, and to make valuable knowledge easily accessible to engage your workers efficiently. Most of the modern LMS are also equipped with discussion boards and Q&A features which makes learning much easier through socializing. Around 24 percent of employees claim that having discussion boards incorporated within the LMS would engage them the most with their organization’s e-learning tools.


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5. Make learning a fun experience


Choose an LMS that is user-friendly so that your non-technical staff has no issues in getting familiar with it. Too many technicalities are sure to scare them away. This is why around 58 percent of users  look for improved functionality and user-friendliness when choosing an LMS. Simplify the learning process so that each one of your employees is interested in using the LMS. Encourage them to seek help whenever needed and make learning a fun and hassle-free process.


Also, constantly push your employees to complete trainings and courses by means of email reminders and notifications that can serve as a gentle nudges.


Final Word


Engaging your non-technical staff with your LMS is not a difficult task, provided that you plan your e-Learning programs from their perspective. Following the five ways mentioned above will help your employees adapt to your e-Learning tools within no time.


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