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onboarding newcomers

What HR has to do to Help New Employees Succeed.

By Roz
Published on April 5, 2016

Finding the right candidate for the job is only part of the human resources department success equation.

The other part is more and more focused on helping them keep it.

A 2016 survey by Robert Half Financing and Accounting shows that 54 percent of chief financial officers of American Companies insist that new hires prove their worth in three months, or they are out. 9 percent give them just a month.

What can you as a human resources professional do to help the new hire show their value to the company in such a short time?

It can start with the onboarding process. New employees are often mired in forms and policies and procedures to the point that we can neglect to tell them more about the company, what it does, who it serves and what it values.

One HR department has an agreement with corporate managers that when the new employee is going to work in their department, they will provide a veteran of that department to come to the HR office and speak informally with the new employee, and invite them to any questions they want.

Ensuring that the first few hours allow time for the employee to get a tour of the building, an explanation of what goes on in each department and a chance to ask questions. These are all a valuable but often forgotten start for any newcomer.

Making sure that the newcomer knows what is expected of them and that they will be expected to illustrate their value is also important. Employees who have a grasp on understanding the “big picture” of a company end tend to start doing work of value faster than those who take more time to figure out what’s going and where they fit into the picture.

Encourage the newcomer to meet as many new colleagues as possible as quickly as possible.

In larger organizations, ensure that the part of the welcoming process includes inviting the new hire to become aware of the corporate history and learn about ways it has distinguished itself over the years. From the beginning, sign them up for the corporate newsletter.

The days of revealing corporate goals to employees strictly on a need to know basis are giving way to the promotion of engagement by allowing all employees to see the point and purpose of their work.

Employees who can quickly see that their efforts are producing goods or services of value to many others are inspired to learn more.

It takes a lot of time and effort and money to recruit. Ensuring that the new recruit can find a place where they can quickly feel at home and contribute to the workings of the corporate machine in a meaningful way is the only way to keep from having to constantly return to the hiring cycle.

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