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Employee satisfaction

5 Tips to Help Your Employees Work More Effectively

By Roz
Published on January 25, 2016

As an employer, it’s important to create a workplace that accounts for your staff needs. After all, you might be the lead singer, but it’s not just you running the show. The performance of your staff is directly related to their satisfaction, so facilitate their needs to make sure you’re getting the most out of your business.

Here’s how:


Provide Resources So People Can Do Their Jobs Properly. 

This could be anything from access to computers and software, to having enough time and people to getting the job done by its deadline. Employers pile excess responsibilities onto their employees without realizing how long it will take them to finish the job, or whether they’ve even provided them with the means to get it done. Be proactive and offer help when you see people need more resources.


Train Them So They Know What They’re Doing.

Employees are often thrown into new positions without receiving any adequate or formal training. This just adds additional pressure to their job, when they’re already uncomfortable with the new and foreign responsibilities. Don’t rattle their confidence and make them feel as though they’re unable to do the job to your standards. Train your employees properly and monitor them to make sure they’re getting it. The SkyPrep learning management software allows you to keep an eye on your staff, while making sure they’ve learned exactly what you want them to learn.


Keep An Open Line Of Communication. 

Your staff can sometimes be unsure as to what their specific roles are if you don’t communicate it to them effectively. It’s important to reiterate the overarching goals of your company to them personally. Don’t assume everybody’s always on the same page. Being flexible and approachable can go a long way towards creating a place that employees actually want to work at. Get to know your employees. Nobody wants to work for a boss who treats them like a commodity instead of a person.


Recognize When People Are Doing A Good Job.

As the boss, acknowledging an employee’s work or effort can do wonders for their confidence. Positive reinforcement has shown to motivate and energize workers and will undoubtedly lead to improved productivity. Cash bonuses are always nice, but even a simple “Good Job” shows you appreciate their hard work without costing you a dime. Don’t be the stiff who disregards good work and only comments when somebody messes up.


Don’t Play the ‘Favorites’ Game. 

Favoritism can tear a team apart. If employees notice you giving preferential treatment to a select few, you’ll create a disconnect amongst your staff and the unity of your team will be fragmented. If it keeps up, it’ll lead to resentment and anger which is obviously bad for the whole operation. Some employees require more guidance and praise than others, but giving everyone a fair shot will give you the respect and appreciation from your staff.

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