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How to Motivate Programmers to Achieve Goals

By Roz
Published on September 14, 2015

Programmers are creative minded individuals that can be easily distracted, just like any other person working in the creative fields. However working on this type of content can become repetitive, and it’s not uncommon for the mind to wander while trying to complete a task. They always find something they want to play with or tweak in their work, and can often stray away from working towards the end goal.


Nearly everything is Internet based and technology only continues to expand and grow. With the high need for programmers, more people than ever are entering the industry. In order to keep your programmers motivated and interested, there are some tips and advice you might want to consider.


Most Common Ways to Keep Programmers Motivated:

  1. Offer incentives
  2. Make sure that there are people around to help them when they need advice or have a question about important projects
  3. Assure them there is room for growth in the company
  4. Build their confidence by complimenting the small details they have brought to the project
  5. Offer pay increases for productivity increases
  6. Give them feedback and make sure they know their worth
  7. Have constant training plans and tools available to help them grow
  8. Make sure they are always keeping up with the latest programming techniques
  9. Always listen, respond and compliment them for their work
  10. Make sure they are being paid what they’re worth
  11. Keep the work environment fun and engaging
  12. Let them have a voice and give them an open platform for them to state their opinions
  13. Allow them to work on projects that matter or have a significant role in the company


Motivating programmers can be a little more difficult than trying to keep other employees motivated. Programmers often get into the field due to their creative minds and the money they could make with the increasing popularity and need for it. They attend college for years to become good at their craft, but are often left behind a computer screen, which isn’t always ideal for the artistic types. It is imperative that you make their worth to the company known.


Programmers are essential to any business with a website which, these days, is most businesses. For program and design companies specifically, they are an essential part of your business and you must make sure that they are aware of that.


The job of a programmer can be tedious and repetitive, so try to break that monotony up by giving them several projects to work on or by giving them deadlines per project. Motivate them to meet these project deadlines by following the advice above.

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